5days/4nights in Mexico, 5d/4n in Orlando, 3d/2n in Ft. Lauderdale...only$99!!

This is what one of this morning’s faxes said. All 3 destinations, only $99 per person.*

What’s the deal with these things? Time share’s, I’m assuming. Does one actually get all of that? Are the days spent in high-pressure sales presentations? Or does one actually get a vacation. I assume you pay for your own airfare.

What’s the deal with this crap, cuz it ain’t legit.

  • 2 children under 18 free in the same room. Double Occupancy is required.

First let me say two children under eighteen in the same room is one of the most frightening things I have ever heard. :eek:

They are indeed gimmicks to sell condos. Yes one would spend endless hours listening to sales pitches and looking at every square inch of floor plan, grass, “amenities” etc the place has. Back in my younger more naive days I went on two of those “all expenses paid” four weekends in Florida. The first should have taught me better, but noooo, stupid took over and I went on another one. They kinda forgot about me though until the afternoon of the last day and by then I had to pack up to go home so they just gave me a bunch of stuff to read. I “accidentally” left it in the condo. OOPSIE!