6.4 = Make Out

I’m just curious…I’m a big fan of Gary Wilson, who, in case you don’t know, is an experimental pioneer from the late 70s who did some incredible synth work and created quite a little musical universe separate from our own. He was also a huge influence on Beck.

Now, I’m mainly looking for people out there who are already fans of Mr. Wilson, because I’m looking for other perspectives on what “6.4 Equals Makeout” means. Plus, I’m curious to see how many people out there actually know who Gary Wilson is. So here’s mine:

Given that 6.4 is a mathematical figure, and “makeout” can either be taken as an action or as a transcendental concept (“to attain makeout”), the overall equation seems to my friend and I to have something to do with an equilibrium between the left and right brains. The math and logic (6.4) appealing to the left side, and the holistic “makeout” appealing to the right side.
So that’s my two cents.

I’d also really love to know what he means by “put you in my mirror tomorrow”. Maybe it’s a reference to being in his bedroom mirror’s reflection.

I don’t know who Gary Wilson is, so I don’t know the context in which this line is said. However, the most common interpretation of “put you in my mirror” I’ve heard refers to the rear-view mirror of a car. In other words, that would mean he’s leaving.

Without context, though, it’s impossible to say.

I just bought the re-released album and I have to say I really enjoy it, for all its trippy weirdness.

I have no effing idea what 6.4 = makeout means.

I think Sauron is correct about the mirror interpretation.

I have no idea what “6.4 = makeout” means, but I first heard this song many moons ago on a mix tape of weird music. The Balinese Monkey Chant was on that tape as well, IIRC. Naturally, the tape was unmarked and had no accompanying artist or title listings. Thank you for solving a little mystery from my past.