6:9 Ratio Tabletop

Is there a term that is used to describe a tabletop or work area that fits this ratio? I want to say natural or native, but neither of those sounds right to me. Thanks for your help.

Umm… I’m not sure about a qualitative term, but why are you listing the ratio as 6:9? Ratios are usually put in lowest terms, like fractions, so 6:9 would be 2:3

Carry on.

I think you may be referring to the Golden Section, though the ratio is not exactly as you describe – more like 5 to 8, I think.


Thats a good question. I kept the ratio at 6:9 because that is how I have been hearing it referred to by people at my office. It seems none of us can put our finger on the correct term for this. I have tried collaborative, table, 6:9, (now) 2:3, ideal work space, and still can’t come up with the term. All my web searches end up with “golden rectangle” or ads for buying conference tables. This is driving me nuts!

Thanks again

9 by 6 would be close to the size of a golden section. The actual size if the golden ratio were used would by 9’ 8½ ( actually just a tad under ). Many manufactured rectangular objects are close the the ratio which is actually