6 years late, finally watched 28 Days Later

On Hulu, with tiny little commercials + full frontal nudity, which is not a combination of viewing experiences that I’m used to. (In case that’s confusing, the commercials didn’t have nudity, just the movie).

Anywho, it was really good, and I have no idea why it took me so long to see it. Such a refreshing change to the zombie genre. And yeah, I know that’s what everyone was saying that about it back when it came out, but I wasn’t really paying attention.

Zombies? Damn! I thought it was a sequel to that Sandra Bullock movie about rehab!

Best (and scariest) scene is when he accidentally sets off the car alarm.

They’re not zombies, they’re the infected! Sheesh.

And fast zombies are always the worst kind. Especially when they projectile vomit blood into your face.

The sequel was a bit of a mixed bag, though.

Yeah, I seem to recall seeing the sequel first for some reason and not being impressed, which may have contributed to my continuing to neglect the original.

So which of the two endings do you prefer. I like the original theatrical ending better since it is so unexpected to have a “happy” ending to a bleak film. On the other hand the second ending was exactly how I was expecting the film to end the entire time…

Well, Hulu only had the happy ending. I may have to put it on my netflix queue to see the other.

Hmmm, I’ve only seen the happy ending too. Care to spoiler it for me? I’m without Netflix or the Interweb at home due to moving, so I don’t have any other option right now.:(:mad::(:mad:goddam qwest:mad::mad:

It’s not much of a spoiler given it’s a zombie film, but…

Instead of eventually recovering the main character dies of his wounds despite desperate attempts to save him. Then the love interest and little girl wander off and the film just ends so we never see any signs of an eventual end to the plague.

One of my favorite zombie flicks!

Wait, full frontal? What? I don’t recall that in the movie!

I loved it, despite the Purists screaming that it wasn’t really a zombie movie.

I liked the ending too… seemed believable, considering everything.

The sequel made me want to scream in frustration though. Overly heavy handed plot, stupid plot holes, and inconsistent characters throughout. Very annoying.

The setting and situation of 28 Weeks Later was interesting, but when the focus shifted to stupid kids going back into the quarantined area, I thought “Oh shit, this is going to be another women/children in peril movie.” :frowning:

I didn’t see why the courier had to turn into some sort of a commando at the end, he could have just let the infected soldier go and stood back.

Other than that, a very effective movie. Not quite as good as the remake of Dawn of the Dead, but a very close second. Shame I didn’t catch it on the big screen.

Toward the beginning of the movie, Cillian Murphy is lying naked on a hospital bed.

Later on we get to see his ass while he takes a shower. Yum.

I just saw this movie last year & loved, loved, loved it. (Of course I then rented the sequel, which was just lousy.) It had such a powerful visual style, along with actors/characters the audience cared about. This made me overlook plot holes I noted long after my first viewing.

Note: I’d really like to see Cillian Murphy in more movies.

I’ve heard Sunshine is meant to be quite good, if you like that sort of thing. I.e., Cillian Murphy and horror.

The main thing that bothered me about the sequel was that the entire US army had a case of the galloping stupids. Let the janitor into top secret quarantine areas. Don’t shoot an infected person in the head straight away. Lock all the survivors in a freakin’ underground car park and then kill the lights! Morons.

His ass is on the front? :eek:

I love this movie. I did find the second half with the soldiers sort of odd. It lost a lot of momentum and just seemed like a weird shift in tone. The first half scared the hell out of me. I really love the shots of Murphy wandering around the deserted streets of London.

I should probably re-see it, but I had the same general reaction. I thought the premise was great, but I don’t like the way they ran with it. Then again, I’m not a zombie movie aficionado, and I did not approach the movie as a “zombie movie.” Unfortunately, I can’t remember my specific gripes with the movie, but I remember just being very angry at it for wasting such a good premise.

Full frontal nudity?
Happy ending?

Zombie porn. :smiley: