60-foot penis

on a roof.:stuck_out_tongue:

perfect band name!

that explains the leak on the right end of the mansion however :slight_smile:

Must have been one hell of a party.

His penis has shingles.

His parents wouldn’t let him do a knockoff of the Uffington White Horse and he felt shafted.

Surely that’s not the correct knockoff.

His parents wouldn’t let him do this one: Cerne Abbas Giant - Wikipedia


Cerne Abbas called. He wants his equipment back.

Does anyone else find it curious that and English guy would draw a picture of a *circumsized *penis?

You’re clearly not familiar with the fine and ancient British art of knob drawing. They always have a clear delineation between the shaft and the glans, and often “all spunk coming out”.

(Plus, most people’s foreskin usually retracts when the old chap is in the erect position.)

Maybe it is the world’s most whimsical Jewish conspiracy. :smiley:

(Riffs through Protocols of Elders of Zion )

Where else was I going to keep it? The basement and garage aren’t big enough.

Well I would hope it’s on a roof. It would hardly fit anywhere else.