61 hours of insanity: The final days of Trump

Apparently, the Proud Boys and others have put an activities freeze in place for the next week or so. They feel the events of Jan 6 have made things to hot to be active. We’ll see if all the members and subgroups got the memo.

I think Don will def find a way to upstage Joe, not sure how, but pretty sure he’s got a plan!

And then, he’ll accuse Joe of being a big old scaredy cat, and wasting tax payer money on all these troops every where!

Thankfully, Major Bonkersauce resigned so he wouldn’t have to invoke the 25th.

That’s why nothing is going to happen. I expect everything to go smoothly.

In the coming weeks and months there may be isolated far-right terror incidents, and they will be an ongoing concern, but I think the security services are going to monitor right-wing activists far more closely from now on, and come down hard on them.

I hear the FBI is vetting all 25,000 troops to avoid any aid from inside the ranks.

There’s a GD thread

I saw somewhere that he is planning some exit ceremony. I hope the media ignores it. The free media Trump certainly contributed to the current situation. They happily promoted the sideshow.

He can upstage whoever he wants. He still won’t be President.

I read they nixed any send off celebration, saying if he won’t do the other formalities, like attending inauguration, greeting the income pres. and firstL, then they ain’t gonna get anything!

He’s still gonna need the press coverage, like junkie needs a fix! It’s frightening to think, if they do ignore him, what lengths he might go to for headlines! Yikes!

I think — or at least hope — that the most we see of CFSG’s departure (leaving the White House, boarding Marine One and taking off for Andrews AFB and his well-deserved trip to the outer darkness) will be a picture-in-picture in the lower right corner of the screen. The smaller the better.

A contributing factor will be timing. The closer his departure gets to the inauguration, the more it will be ignored.

I think tomorrow’s planned pardon spree is likely the worst of what’s left for Trump’s term.

I think that may be the SDMB record best first reply evar to an OP.

I salute you Sir! That was genius!

Trump’s and Biden’s MLK Day schedules, side by side:

For those not wanting to click the Twitter link:
Trump’s schedule reads (exactly as it has for the past six days):

President Trump will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings.

Biden’s schedule reads:

On Monday, January 18, the President-elect and Dr. Biden will spend the National Day of Service volunteering at Philabundance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which will be pool pressed. President-elect Biden will also meet with transition advisors.

47 hours and 46 minutes to go.

This article from CNN has a brief description of Agent Orange’s plans for a big sendoff from Andrews.

From the article it sounds like Trump has given up on the flyover:

On Sunday, invitations were issued to Trump’s circle asking them to please attend – and bring up to five guests – his and Melania Trump’s going-away celebration at Joint Base Andrews, prior to boarding Air Force One early Wednesday morning for their last trip on the storied aircraft, which will deposit them in Florida.

Trump has told staff he wants his tarmac send-off to include all the pomp and circumstance he feels he deserves, including a 21-Gun Salute, red carpet and military Color Guard. On Monday afternoon, an administration official told CNN the bells and whistles might all be for a very big audience of one – the President – and a small audience of others: “So far, there haven’t been a lot of RSVPs.”

I’m hoping that Trump ends up feeling like Bob Alexander (Frank Langella) at the end of Dave:

42 hours, 50 minutes.

So far, so good on the level of Bonkersauce. I do concur that having 25,000 National Guardsmen on duty in DC probably keeps things pretty calm until after the 20th.

I’m really loving that every article about ‘what to expect’ for Biden’s inauguration, mentions AND includes a photo of, 2million people attending Obama’s!

It feels kinda like they’re trolling Donnie a titch!,
Well done!

Everybody’s favorite Qanon Congressperson keeps the torch lit

Fresh off a temporary Twitter lockout, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene laid into the social media giant on Monday morning, saying God, not Twitter, is “the judge of humanity.”

The lockout lasted 12 hours, according to the spokesperson, and did not affect her official congressional Twitter account.

In a 14-tweet thread on Monday morning addressed to Twitter, Greene lambasted the company for banning Trump from its platform and for its content policies.

“The tweets that you deem ‘appropriate’ and ‘safe’ and ‘true’ compared to tweets you deem ‘inciting violence’ and ‘spreading false information’ and ‘claims of election fraud is disputed’ are so many times, in the opinion of many, quit hypocritical and false,” Greene said in the thread. “Without debate of ideas, opinions, and arguing truth, Twitter and similar police state platforms will eventually lose.”

I think that WHATEVER crap trump pulls tomorrow to pull coverage, the mainstream media should not cover it. No matter what! They need to take a group pledge to keep trump out of any headlines for this one day. I don’t expect Faux to sign on, but everyone else-- no trump stories. I don’t care if he sets his hair on fire or admits that he and Putin are lovers-- for one freaking day let’s not have him take over the news!

Tomorrow is not just Inauguration Day, it’s Ignore trump Day!

Gotta love The New Yorker’s current cover.