7 Jan 2021 and beyond - the aftermath of the storming of the Capitol

“Have you ever really, I mean really, looked at your hand … when you’re heiling Hitler?”

Nicely done.

“All the molecules in my hand could be their own tiny little universes… and just think of it, I could be a racist douchebag loser in all of them!”

So drug-fueled racist ranting and death threats are less bad than just plain racist ranting and death threats? I don’t think that argument would fly if he wasn’t white.

If he weren’t a white Trump supporter they would have tacked on drug charges.


“Documentary” showing new footage of the insurrection.

https://www.reddit.com/r/CapitolConsequences/comments/n2n5cr/mods_gave_approval_insane_personal_documentary/ has him discussing the why he was there.

So many people that enthusiastic about an asshole like donald j trump. I still can’t believe it.

It’s just like the lame stream media to edit out the hugging and kissing. Dishonest!

Translation: “Pleeeeeeeease don’t sue us into oblivion for something we very obviously did!”

So much for the party of personal responsibility.

Ann_Hedonia was right all along with her assertion that right wing media is a drug that rots people’s brains; the lawyer just happened to give the phenomenon a succinct and catchy name.

What’s annoying to me is that “Foxitis” means “inflammation of the fox,” not “inflammation caused by Fox.” I’m not sure what the correct medical term should be.

Minditis? Mindectomy?

Vulpine Toxic Encephalopathy.

Foxemia or Foxophagia aren’t as catchy.


Vulpine Spongiform Encaphalopathy, or VSE, if you want a parallel to BSE and TSE.