7 Jan 2021 and beyond - the aftermath of the storming of the Capitol

Since the 6 Jan 2021 thread was closed at the request of the OP, I’ve been looking for a place to post about all the things that have been happening in the aftermath but only finding pieces scattered here and there, so I’m starting a thread to hopefully consolidate the events. The White House and cabinet resignations, the Hawley book deal that got canceled, the talks about the 25th amendment, the talks about impeachment, the fate of the rioters, the discussion of Trump’s suspensions from Facebook and Twitter, what will happen for the next 12 days, etc.

All fair game for this thread.

Several people have been fired from their jobs for participating in the riots.

Here’s a few.

He was seen in the Capitol. His employer allowed for the right of peaceful protest but stated that “any employee demonstrating dangerous conduct that endangers the health and safety of others will no longer have an employment opportunity with Navistar Direct Marketing”

A woman was fired from a real estate agency although she claimed she was only on the steps of the Capitaol, took a selfie and left.

A professor resigned from a college in PA after his Facebook posts were seen.

A lawyer working for an insurance company was fired after he used social media to post about being teargassed.

Are these firings justified, or in some cases, a stifling of free speech?

I’m with you about starting this thread, but you might want to tweak the title. The storming of the White House is still a ways off.

Methinks these self-styled revolutionaries should look up documents like the Articles of War et al as to what happens when an armed insurrection to overthrow the government fails and therefore is known as a mutiny.

Getting maced, teargassed or having a gap in their employment resume might be the least of your worries. As said Stephen Colbert S6 E407 (from 7:00) “It’s a revolution and you are complaining that they maced you? In a real revolution, when you lose they chop your fucking head off”.

And having so ineptly failed … why would you go bragging about it on social media?

I actually struggled with the title. Depending on one’s point of view, it could be a protest, a riot, a mobbing, a coup attempt, an insurrection and all points in between or all of the above.

It was difficult to come up with something that just described what happened succinctly.

I hear you! Just wanted to point out that the storming was of the Capitol. :slightly_smiling_face:

To some degree BY the White House. But not of it.

D’oh! ~head slap~

I was so focused on the words that went before it, I didn’t even realize I posted the wrong place. Thanks for the correction. Maybe the mods will change it for me.

Nobody stifled free speech, they’re just enjoying the consequences of their behavior.

There is no private sector employment protection for free speech, let alone for being part of an insurrection. Flip off the president’s motorcade and you risk being fired. And risk then winning elected office.

Criminal activity is not free speech.

Six Republican lawmakers among rioters as police release photos of wanted

Yeah, those lawmakers should DEF be charged with sedition I think. Might be forgivable to be charged with a lesser crime, if you’re just a citizen, but an elected official? There should be ZERO tolerance, they should be charged, convicted and removed from their posts.

Wow, Antifa has really dropped its entry requirements.

More headlines.

Joaquin Castro wants to make sure no federal buildings will be named after Trump. Would they be anyway?

Tweet from Trump throwing the rioters under the bus. He condemned the riot and said there would be a peaceful transition of power on Jan. 20. Is this the same guy that incited the riot a couple days ago?

Business Insider says that Pence is not open to 25th Amendment call

Some Democrats are accusing Elaine Chao and Betsy DeVos of resigning to sidestep the 25th amendment question. But maybe it wouldn’t matter if Pence wouldn’t back it anyway.

The Capitol police chief and seargent at arms all leaving at the request of the Democrats.

Some Trump supporters are saying that another riot will happen for Biden’s inauguratoin.

I thought Trump was in Twitter jail. Did they let him out already?

Yup, he just got out when he tweeted that.

His handlers deleted the tweets, which meant that he would be unsuspended after 12 hours. Also, I’m pretty sure they wrote that speech and Trump added the comments at the end.

This was just a call-in, so they admit it could be fake. But could Trump’s supporters be questioning him after he incited their riot and is now calling on the people who broke into the Capitol to be arrested?

I picked up an interesting tidbit from the network news last night? You know the idiot that stormed Pelosi’s office and took a letter from her desk…that particular stunt has drawn the attention of my favorite kick-ass law enforcement agency, the USPIS ( postal police ), the guys that arrested Steve Bannon.