The American Coup Fallout thread

Since the actual coup is over, this is the thread to discuss the fallout from the coup attempt of 1.6.2021 (well, it started earlier, but that’s the date history will remember). Trials of Insurrectionists, bills passed and signed into law as a result, state-level reactions to what has occurred, and other items are fair game for discussion.

However, as much as we can, let’s keep Trump impeachment discussions to the Post Inauguration Impeachment thread, please. This thread is for news about all the other people, including the legal and personal travails of the lowly Insurrectionist, abandoned by Individual-1.

Asking the important question: what’s the name of this event going to be? The American Coup? The insurrection? The uncivil war? 1/6? (I hope not that last one).

How about “That Was the Coup That Wasn’t”?

People old enough will remember David Frost’s satirical news show, That Was the Week That Was.

“The wet-firecracker Insurrection that scared the shit out of people finally”?

Thanks for your quick action on the other thread, WE.

Chicken Coup

The coup part is over, but I fear the terrorism is not.

Whitmer was almost kidnapped(well, a stupid attempt was made), Biden’s bus was nearly ran off the road, and the Capitol was attacked.

I fear for Biden and Harris. I know they have secret service, but I still worry a terrorist will make an attempt on either of them.

Didn’t someone leave a fecal memento on the floor in the Capitol? Thus the Shitty Rebellion might be an apt name for posterity.
And if that guy gets caught, his name will smell for ever and ever in the USA’s collective memory. DNA could make it possible if the evidence has not been thrown in the loo.

Croupella de Vil

(I was this moment years old when I realized her last name spells ‘devil’. Holy shit. I’m logging off and re-examining my life.)

I’ve seen it referred to most as the “Capitol building riot” or “Capitol riot”.

Here’s one federal arrest from a week and a half ago:

From my state of Florida, here’s two arrests, one of them a Proud Boy:


Lol, no, not cheapening what happened by calling it a mere ‘riot’, Max.

And vil means vile in Spanish and in French and de is genitive, like: belongs to or comes from, go figure.

Hey man, it’s your thread. Call it whatever you want to.


Precisely. In this thread, it’s a coup. If you wish to argue otherwise, there is a current discussion, ongoing here:

Yes. When people trivialize the danger from these attempts because they were stupid or the perpetrators were caught, I’m reminded of the quote after the 1984 assassination attempt on Margaret Thatcher: “Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once. You will have to be lucky always.”

Not interested.

On-topic: China compares the failed coup to July 2019 Hong Kong protests


“The coup” was everything including post office meddling months ago, lawsuits, false claims, the actions of some state legislators/election officials, phone calls to Georgia and other states, whatever happened behind closed doors, and the Jan 6th events at the Capitol. You could call that early stuff “coup prep” versus the actual coup if you like, but particular events could have different names like “Capitol Riots” (admittedly I agree that “riot” is too weak) without taking away from it being an overall coup.

But I intended the question to be a brief fun aside and not a big derail, so I’ll leave it there…

The Idiot Insurrection

I saw “Coup Klutz Klan” somewhere and I like that, although it really only works written. Too similar to the actual KKK clan when spoken. If not that, I like “Chicken Coup”.