US Capitol under siege

This probably should have its own thread.

A couple Trumpistas have broken in, tear gas employed, senators instructed to lie down.

I thik the 6 January 2021 thread has become the de facto thread for this.

Trump voters are no longer voters in my opinion; they are neo-confederates who have lost the right to be treated without suspicion. The federal government should be cleansed of them to the extent possible, and I am 100% in favor of using all the power of the federal government to spy, harass, and arrest them.

And yes, education camps.

“And Lardass just sat back and enjoyed what he had created.”

If that’s the case - fair enough.

No longer voters? What was I thinking, lol.

No longer people.

I gotta say I’ve been fighting to resort to using the subhuman word, but I’m having a tough time trying to think of a more reprehensible demographic, now.
Like - at any point in history.

These traitors, these sore losers, should be pushed out of the Capitol building in any way possible. I mean that.

Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, called for “trial by combat” while speaking to the “Save America” rally in front of the White House on Wednesday.

I hate to say “I told you so” but this is what “lost cause” mythology always leads to, from the American South to the interwar Nazis

How can I be positive about this? Put down the rebellion, prosecute as is necessary. We are just citizens working from home.

Look… I’m sure that deep inside all of us was once the little child who built COBRA model helicopters in 4th grade. I want to make very sure that I am doing my level best to keep my inner 4th grader in check in both word and deed, no matter what the Trumpists do.

Just saw some video of a female protester get shot in the face, damn!

Republicans are bad people. It’s clear we need to kick red state America out of the Union.

No, but we may need to declare the republican party a terrorist organization and strip them of their civil liberties.

I’m tired of carrying this red state trash. They contribute nothing and are a burden we can no longer carry.

Yeah but can we afford a third world theocracy on our border?

Build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it.

No Trump supporter should be made to feel comfortable after today. They are traitors and they are trash.

And what about those of us who live in the liberal areas of red states?