7-String and/or Baritone Guitars?

Any dopers playing anything besides traditional 6-string guitar?

How do you tune the 7th string? High or low? Do you have an easy strategy for chord shapes?

For baritone, does it take a long time to get used to the scale length? Is the neck as long as a bass guitar?

The seventh (lowest) string should be tuned to B. I play a 6 string but I tune it DGCFAD.

So you’re downtuned a whole step. Have you ever considered ditching the high string and tuning BEADGB?

7 string player here. Tune the seventh to a low B of occasionally Bb or A, depending on the context. A lot of jazz players tune 7 to A as this makes playing chords very easy. You can use shapes which usually have the root on the fifth string and just put the root down lower instead. I don’t like this, I prefer the new chord shapes that appear with 7=B, however for ease of learning you can’t beat the 7= A strategy