7 up yours says: Up yours, annoying bitch!

It’s not high school anymore. Everyone sitting in this lecture hall has paid to sit here. You just won’t shut the fuck up. You insist on talking to your friend who is sitting next to you while everyone around you is trying to learn. Right now, you’re arguing with your friend about a phone call. IT’S FUCKING ANNOYING! Granted, I’m not doing what I should, since I’m browsing a message board instead of watching every move our prof is making, but at least I’m quiet. At least I’m not disturbing all our classmates.

Why won’t you fucking learn? Our prof has told you to shut up no less than twice already. Everytime he says “Will you please be quiet?” you shut up, then after about five nanoseconds, you start up again. I knew you were annoying when you came into class wih your backpack on, and without looking around you, started walking past me and almost knocked my laptop off the desk. Good thing I have quick hands. And you didn’t even apologize. But that’s okay. JUST SHUT UP!! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

I also would like to pit the guy who keeps looking a what I’m typing. Mind your own business, asshole.

I sympathise.
I’m a mature student. You’d think that students in their late-20s, 30s, and 40s would have better manners, wouldn’t you? Not a bit of it. Whispering, talking, mobile phones (cellphones) going off and being answered - answered in the same room as the lecture.
The embarrassing thing is that the lecturers obviously feel inhibited about asking older people to shut the fuck up. So you sit there feeling bad for on ther behalf.

Jesus, sorry about spelling in that last sentence - should read “bad on their behalf”

Whoever this person is, s’he’s probably a freshman who’s never been out on his/her own before. Probably has a lot of growing up to do.

If it were me in your shoes, I’d probably writing notes like, “Would you PLEASE shut the FUCK UP!” and throwing them at them. Of course, I have quite a bit of growing up to do myself.

Does the professor force you to be there, with attendance or some such? Cause that tends to lead to this kind of situation.

I have a professor this semester who kicked a student out of class because her phone rang. Nobody has left their phones on since.

I am pleased. :smiley:

Absolutely not. We’re free to come and go as we please. In fact, our professor has said repeatedly “If you want to talk, go to a coffee house.” but the people shut up, then start talking. Repeat this about a million times and they still don’t get it.

Oh yes, as class was ending, and I was waiting for my laptop to shut down, she does the backpack thing again, and once again, my laptop teeters on the end and almost falls off. When I make the remark of “What, are you fucking blind?” she glares at me. Yeah. Almost break my laptop and it’s me being a bitch, right?

Then again, it could be just because I’m cranky

For crying out loud, say something! I never had to deal with such obnoxious people, but surely a loud “The rest of the class have paid to learn this stuff - would you please take your conversation outside?”

If that’s too confrontational (I admit you’d have to clutch your laptop a bit harder), ask the prof privately if they would consider ejecting the offender from the class. If a few people ask, I’m sure they’ll do it for you. Just 'cause you paid doesn’t mean you can be a nuiscence.

When a phone rings during any of my lectures, its nearly always the lecturer’s phone!

I hated, hated, hated people who talked through lectures. However, there was one couple in both of my third year biochem classes that was even worse. Every single class, they came in, found seats about half way up and in the middle (i.e. in the line of sight of a big chunk of the class), and proceeded to have a serious make-out session through the entire class. We’re talking most of the time it seemed like clothes were about to come off by the end of the hour. And when I say every single class, I mean it - three days a week for two whole semesters. What makes it worse is that apparently only the girl was actually a student and her boyfriend was just tagging along.

While I rarely hesitated to tell talkers to shut the fuck up, I never could quite bring myself to say anything to that couple, and neither could anyone else. I think we were all too stunned or grossed out, or a combination of both.

HAH! This never works. The person making the noise will at best acquiesce and then immediately develop short term memory loss and start again a few minutes later.

Ms. McPhisto do you mean to tell me that the professor did nothing?

I had a lecturer last semester who detested ringing phones in the lecture. Not that I can blame him. But anyway, one day a guy’s phone rang, and he marched up the stairs, glared at him and said “Let me answer it”. So, he held his microphone up to the earpiece so we could all hear, and the conversation went something like this:

Lecturer: Hello?
Chick on the phone: Who’s this?
Lecturer: This is Chris. Who’s this?
Chick on the phone: Why are you answering David’s phone? If you must know, I’m his girlfriend
Lecturer: David is…errr… otherwise indisposed. I think you ought to know that we’ve been having an affair for quite some time now.

He hung up just as her stream of invective was getting really juicy. It was the most entertaining thing that’s happened in a lecture for quite some time now… No one dared to let their phone ring for the rest of the semester.

I was pleased :smiley:

That alone would have been worth the price of the class. And everybody LEARNED something!

Often the response is a loud “I paid for the class too, and I’ll talk if I feel like it, bitch!” At this point the only real solution is violence.

happylittlevegemite- Where, oh where, can I find profs like that? That story made my morning!

If the prof asked them to shut up before, and they refuse to obey his request, I honestly don’t see what chance I have to get them to shut up.

I usually don’t care when people whisper. It’s annoying, but those who whisper, I find don’t keep up the whisper for long. This girl, she was out and out TALKING, practically shouting too, since she was arguing with her friend about a phone call and who called who and what not.

There are about 250 people in there, so chances are high I won’t have to sit near her next class.