748 vs 900ss

Desperately seeking opinions of motorcyclists out there…

Well, after 15 years of lust, I’m going to buy a duc this weekend. The problem, and everyone should have such problems, is that I can’t decide on which one.

First, my street cred. I’ve ridden motorcycles for 13 years, excepting the 2 years when the state of california suggested that I not operate any motor vehicle. During that time, I’ve logged about 180,000 miles on 3 bikes. During that time, I’ve logged about 200 miles driving a car. In short, I’m pretty sure I’m worthy of the machine I’m thinking of.

I’ve got narrowed down to the 900ss or the 748. The 748 would have to be used, but I’ve found one that qualifies, and costs just slightly more than the 900ss. Looking over the specs, its clear that the 748 is going to be a hell of a lot faster than the 900, but I’m not really interested in shear speed.

So, my questions are:

Is the 900 just a pig? I mean, is it really slow? Specs say its a peak of 80hp pushing 414 pounds. That’s better than my Seca II, but not that fast.

Is there any one out there that has actually ridden both? Can you describe the handling differences? The 900 is supposed to be pretty forgiving - how unforgiving is the 748?

Any other input that would make this choice easier?