8/14 Justice League Unlimited - Spoilers

No one talking about this show? For shame.

It was hi-larious.

Baby Etrigan!

Not a bad show; I liked the previous week’s a little better. Though some of the elements of the story weren’t new to this genre (adult heroes turn to kids; a “bad” and spoiled child with omnipitent power), this was still fun. I really like seeing the cameos of the villains (Blockbuster, Copperhead, Cheetah, and KGBeast ((?!?)) ) in the opening scene. I thought that Batman LOOKED younger (read: a scrawny, thin, little kid dressed as Batman) than the others; whereas the others looked just like mini-versions of themselves, especially Wonder Woman (I think I would’ve like to have seen her in a ponytail and sandals, not still with the adult long hair and boots). There was some Wonder Woman flirtiness towards Batman which one may have liked or hated. I didn’t expect to see Etrigan. That was a nice surprise; though I wish they had more for him to do. Nice closing with Wonder Woman saying it was fun to be a kid again & Batman countering that he hadn’t been a kid since he was eight years old.

The end credits go by WAY too fast, so I had to look up who voiced who. The only name I recognized off the bat was that Dakota Fanning voiced young Wonder Woman.

I’m always glad to see Etrigan, and his “Mommy” line at the end nearly killed me with laughter. The WW/Bats flirtation was also well-done.

I actually wrote a three paragraph rave about this episode on Sunday, but the hamsters got hungry. :frowning:

Green Lantern had the best lines in the episode.

“Sorry, I’ve been hanging out with the Flash too much.” -after using a cheesy line
“Man, your girlfriend is mean.” -to Batman on Wonder Woman
“For a guy with like 50 different types of vision you sure are blind.” -to Supes regarding Bruce and Diana

Awesome! I hope that GL becomes more creative with his ring after this experience. I also want to see the Flash in action again. He has yet to have a line this season.

Missed the first few minutes of the show again so I missed the setup. Execution was all right; I predicted the 'Modred will make himself all growed up" ending alhough for all I know I read a comic version of the story and was just remembering it.

As for the series itself, I thought the concept was that the JL would now have this vast array of heroes upon whom to draw, matching up powers and abilities and experience to the threat. Yet in two of the three eps we saw pretty much no one except core members from the previous incarnation of the show. So when are we going to start seeing a better hero mix?

I thought at least one of them should have had major acne. Preferably Superman.

Other than that, I thought it was pretty good. Amazingly good, really, considering the premise.

This was probably my favorite episode of the new season so far. (I think my expectations for the Alan Moore adaptation were just waaay too high.) Very nice visual touches all-around. From Blockbuster to the design of the Twilight Dimension to the child Justice League to Baby Etrigan the Demon… just terrific. Seeing John Stewart suddenly realizing he needed corrective vision glasses again and morphing the Kyle Rayner eye mask was a fun tweak, as was his suddenly super-creative use of his Power Ring. Seeing Wonder Woman get all maternal on everyone was hilarious. Listening to Batman call Modred “Precious” cracked me up, too. It’s like he was channelling his 60-year old self.

ussentinel: I think you’re right, that just might have been KGBeast with the first group of villains. I was thinking it was Bane, but the mask and that pack on his back looked too different; KGBeast is the next logical choice.

Free Tip: I’ve trained myself to just listen to the theme song until it’s over and then resume watching the cartoon when I hear dialogue or the music change in order to avoid the clips they weave into the opening theme sequence. Those clips are the only thing I continue to dislike about the new show.

I’m too lazy to find the exact quote, but one of the creators said that some of the shows will seem like the first two seasons, some will seem like something completely different, and some will be in the middle. Next up is “Hawk and Dove” featuring WW, Hawk, and Dove. Hawk and Dove seem kinda lame, but then again the premise for “Kids’ Stuff” seemed kinda lame too. I have faith.

They just couldn’t resist keeping Diana a little curvy? She looks more like a 13-year old than an 8-year old (unless she developed awfully young?).