8 days in the Bahamas...89 bucks. How can they do this?


Sounds to good to be true…is it?

I’m sorry. I could have sworn I was in GQ before I came upon this.

Maybe I wasn’t.

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Other people may base their opinions on facts and personal experience, but I will say that I see the potential for a scam. They keep mentioning taxes and fees on full retail value. I’d be very interested in seeing what those are.


Reservations - This vacation is best suited for travelers that can be flexible with their travel plans, as these specials are based on availability. Holidays and peak seasons are difficult to get, and may require a surcharge. Check in’s are Friday, Sat. or Sunday, subject to the resorts descretion. Once payment is received, we will send your Travel news advisor access to you, along with your vacation planing kit. All reservations are based on availability, BOOKED ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS and subject to change without notice until booked and conformed.

Notice that it sdays that it MAY REQUIRE A SURCHARGE. Any guesses on whether or not it will?

Actually, my wife and I checked out one of these a couple of years ago and found that not only IS there a surcharge if you don’t go when THEY say you ALSO get put on a nice mailing list that includes both your home and email.

Fun stuff all right.

One man’s “luxury condo” is another man’s filthy bedbug-ridden dump far off the beaten path.

I once won a “free vacation” from a car dealership, and as it was a slow day at work, I spent some time going over the details. There were fees and surcharges all over the place. It would’ve been almost impossible to actually schedule the vacation. If I remember the details correctly, you sent in three suggested dates, but if none of those were available (and you can pretty much count on that), they chose a date, and if you were unable to accept that date, you were charged a cancellation fee of several hundred dollars.

Yeah, I won a “free cruise” a while back and after upgrades to take the kid and “fees” yada yada yada I spent close to $700.

Not “free”, but not a bad deal for 3 people.

The guy offering the deal has plenty of neutral and negative feedbacks warning of extra fees and scams. That’d be enough to scare me off.

Thanks for the input. As always…if it’s to good to be true…it’s never good.

A very well know national newspaper here in the UK ran a promotion last year promising a “£10 cruise for all our readers”. All they had to do was collect 34 tokens from separate editions of the paper and the cruise , which included flights and transfers, would be theirs. These cruises were to the Caribbean , South America and the Med.

So how could they afford to do this at this price? Well the price was for just one person and in the lowest grade cabin. If you wanted to take a second person with you , or upgrade, then the costs were realy high. This was how the newspaper and the travel company they employed were hoping to make a profit out of the deal.

Then everything started to go wrong. Most people decided they wanted to go on their own and didn’t want an upgrade , and demanded their £10 cruise. So they whole thing started to fall apart. Suddenly the would-be passengers were being told that there were no single cabins available , or they would have to wait till 2006 , or they were offered tokens " to the value of £500" which were useless because you could only use them as part payment towards a very expensive holiday you could buy at a much lower price elsewhere.

The result is that over 2,000 people are still waiting for their cruise. The travel company is nearly bankrupt and the newspaper has been left to sort out the mess , with lots of resultant bad publicity. Both the paper and travel company have also been censured by the Advertising Standards Authority for promising something they could not deliver.