80s hair days

Hello!? Let your Soul Glo! :smiley:

Being a guitarist in a few bands, I was a long hair in the 8o’s and 90’s but didn’t go for the big hair look, I did use DippityDoo gel after I went to the short spiky look.

It was also the weapon** fuel **of choice for potato guns. You make a potato gun out of PVC plumbing parts and a BBQ spark igniter, shove a potato snugly into the barrel then spray AquaNet into the rear of the chamber.

We used to shoot spuds a couple hundred yards! And you were spraying it on your head!


From an airliner safety card with humorously substituted text: Passengers with 80s hair will be cast into the ocean immediately

I feel like bright red isn’t such a great colour choice for something that is absurdly flammable.

This thread definitely should require pictures…

For me it was Rave, which my little brother referred to as Raid. My bangs flat went down to my chin, so you can imagine how high they went when teased and sprayed. And lets not forget the wings on the sides.

I, like, totally used Aussie Sprunch Spray. It, like, totally worked with my perm.

Rave was my spray of choice, mostly because it was cheap and I could afford it on my allowance and later my paltry part-time paycheck. Aussie Scrunch and Aquanet were also in play occasionally. Here is my Senior class pic taken in the Spring of 1989. I didn’t have the biggest hair in the school, but trust me there is a ton of hairspray necessary to keep my baby fine hair poofy.

Yep. I rocked this look. For proof, if you were at the Metallica concert in Winnipeg in the 90’s (The Black Album), I was in the video they showed prior to coming on stage.


Studio fix mouse and Aussie wet gel and I got a spiral perm to puff up.


A combo of Stiff Stuff and Aussie Sprunch Spray.

It’s the only relevant pic I have online at the moment, but this is actually a very flat look for me back in '86.


Aqua Net or White Rain here. But I had “bad” hair, defined as fine straight straight straight that wouldn’t hold a perm or curl for anything. I was so happy when Jennifer Anniston made straight hair okay again. And I think I’m a little younger than most of you, so my 80’s hair was more Kimmy Gibbler than Madonna (except for that unfortunate Annie-perm in junior high, but we don’t talk about that.)

Who else used a cassette tape box to get a nice lift and edge on their bangs?