80s hair days

For you ladies (and gents) who rocked some big hair during the 80s: What brand of hairspray did you use? Do you remember someone whose hair was the biggest in town? We went to an 80s party last weekend, and I went to my old faithful “Freeze and Shine”. My bangs stood tall all night, and were still poofed the next morning. There was a guy at my highschool who could tell which brand hairspray we used by smelling. He was pretty accurate too. Probably not a skill he put on his resume, tho. I had 3 sisters and my dad would get so angry because there was a permanent sticky shallaq on the sink, the floor, the walls. But hey, heaven forbid we went out with flat hair!

Aqua-Net, fer sure!

Freeze and shine.
The Best shellac available for those spikes hair don’ts!!!
I still remember that gawd awful smell.

Dippity DOO!

Dippity Do gel followed by AquaNet, of course!

Early 90’s here, until Grunge took over and we went flat.

Aussie Sprunch Spray, Freeze and Shine and sometime Hair Muscle which smelled of cucumbers :slight_smile:

If I was broke, then that cheap stuff…Fame? What was it called?

Another vote for Aqua Net. I could bounce off a wall with my bangs and still not make a dent. Unless you’re talking about the sheet rock… :stuck_out_tongue:

Aqua Net was the weapon of choice in my school. I seem to recall the different colored cans being different strength hold, and the pink was the one most girls used (although I do recall some blue cans)

I forgot about Vavoom! It was in a really tall, black and neon pink can. You needed an extra large purse to carry it around! I typically used Rave (level 4…Mega) or Aqua Net in the pink and white can “Extra (!) Super hold”. I guess “Super hold” wasn’t stiff enougn… When I had extra money, I would buy “the good stuff”, like Vavoom.
Does anyone remember Joico Ice Mist? Talk about helmet head? I had to have my hair perfect before unleashing the Joico, because it wouldn’t budge until a shower with 2 shampooings. Almost every girl had some sort of “big hair” at my school. Remember the giant claw bangs? A giant stiff tsunami in front, and the rest was pretty normal. You could pound nails with those bangs, lol!

Rave! That’s what it was! I’m sitting here, perfectly picturing that blue can, but I couldn’t come up with the name. Yep, that, Aussie Sprunch Spray, and Vavoom. Wow. Trip down amnesia lane, for sure.

Early '90s for me too. When I graduated in '95, we were over all of that nonsense.

We used to call that mall hair.

I found an old ad that showed the different types of Aqua Net: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l1e34mo0hv1qz8ui7o1_400.jpg

Most girls went for the super hold… no one used that all purpose. Pfft.

Aqua Net Ultra Super Hold in the big white can. I chose my purses based on their having enough room to hold that can, along with a brush, a ton of makeup, a can of Confess body spray (Do you like Obsession? You’ll love Confess!), a pack of Marlboros, and a lighter. No money, no driver’s license.

Stiff Stuff made my 18"/45cm Mohawk stand up straight and firm all night. I would have to ride in cars with my head tilted sideways for clearance. Fill that out with ripped jeans, Doc Martens, bullet belt, ironic t-shirt, heavy eyeliner and black lipstick, I surely made my parents very proud of their teenaged son.

Class of 88’ btw


Oh, fond memories of stiff stuff!

In any form!

We always had Aqua Net in the blue can.

I remember AquaNet mousse being my mousse of choice but I think I used a variety of hairsprays.

That was me at 13. Rest of the hair in a ponytail except the massive teased-up bangs. I was stylin’.

The best hairspray I ever used (even better than Ice Mist, IMO) was one I could only find in the US. It was called “Jheri Redding Super Glossing Spray”, if memory serves. I’d have to buy a few cans every trip or get people to bring some back for me. It came in a white can with a pink grid pattern, then they changed the packaging to a purple-y black can. I had the best big hair with that stuff.

lol. i have naturally curly hair on steroids. didn’t **need **no stinkin’ hairspray… :smiley: