Hairpsray recommendations?

I wash my hair daily with wen and blow it dry with no products in it. It dries quicker that way, and then I do run Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum through it and smooth out the poufy frizzy parts.

The problem is, I’m in that awkward growing out stage where former bang pieces fall in my face. I also grew up in the 80s and have flashbacks of Aquanet and helmet head. I really just need something to hold the front out of my face, but not a band or clip. Any recommendations of gentler hairspray, or other solutions?

I also suffer from bangs-in-the-face, so you have my sympathies. I have been using some Aussie hairspray that works fine.

If I fire it directly at my head, as I used to do in the dear dead eighties, it does get too stiff. What I have been doing instead is to brush my hair, then cover my face with one hand and hairspraying* the air above my head* with the other. Then I just get a light mist that is sufficient to keep my luscious glory out of my damn face. Mostly.

Thanks, Dung Beetle!

For a gentler, non-perfumey hairspray, I like John Frieda’s “Frizz Ease”. Despite the name, it’s good for any kind of hair. It’s lightweight and doesn’t make your hair feel like cotton candy. Unscented, too.

I also hate that Aqua-Net reek! It reminds me of my grandma, who didn’t wash her hair often, but did give it fresh coat or two of lacquer every morning.

There was a Frizz-ease spray that I used to like, but the current version is too firm a hold for me. I have been using Nexxus Comb-Thru, which is a great very gentle spray that keeps down the frizz and keeps my bangs out of my eyes.

Thanks for the suggestions!