Frizzy Hair Solutions - I'm desperate

Please, Dopers, drop whatever you’re doing and help me with this problem. I have below shoulders hair that should be wavy, but is a frizzball instead. I wash and condition my hair, use hot oil treatments, and use heat sparingly, but I still have frizzy hair. What are your secret products, tools, rituals, handshakes, etc., that you use to keep your hair presentable? I have an especially “crispy” area on the back of my head that really drives me nuts. Note: if you have naturally gorgeous hair that doesn’t frizz and you post that just to brag, I’ll . . . I’ll . . oh, I’ll just be very upset.

Pantene. I’ll say it again… Pantene. I use their shampoo, conditioner and mousse for curly hair, and occasionally their frizz-taming leave-in goop (can’t remember the exact name, and I just threw away my last bottle).

Soft, shiny, smooth curls. If you just want waves, they make a formula for sleek and shiny hair, too.

I tried that Frizz-Ease brand serum, but it didn’t do much for me and my frizz.

Pantene all the way. Love that stuff.

Curly Girl.

This book is highly recommended (average review is five stars). One of the main hints is not to ever shampoo your hair, just use conditioner only.

I’ve got curly hair, but it’s short right now.

It has serious frizz potential.

When it’s long here’s how I style it, which does minimize the frizz.

After showering, I don’t rub my hair dry, I pat it, trying to absorb the water as much as possible.

I put product in it. Those serums (like Bio-Silk), do work and leave a nice sheen, though I usually just buy the cheaper ones from the ‘ethnic’ section of the haircare aisle.

Some kind of serum
Combed through my hair with a wide toothed comb while it’s still wet.

Then I blowdry from a distance, and not completely. I’ve found that to be the key. Let it partly air dry. The more you blowdry, the more frizz you’ll end up with. And I do not comb or brush it at all once I start blowdrying. If I have to, I’ll pick at it with my fingers or a pick, or I’ll scrunch the curls with my hands to make them tighter.

Then I finish with a shine spray and a little more hairspray.

Oh yea, that’s another thing. I only shampoo my hair every other day, but I do condition it every day.

Two words:
Flat iron.

I have thick, curly, fine hair–a frizzmess in the heat and humidity. I never blow dry my hair (it just makes more frizz, YMMV), but I do flatiron it.

I also deep condition it and try not to abuse it too much.

have you tried gel? If it’s short enough, you can “freeze” the curls with product. Mine is past my shoulders, so that’s out. I also wet it, put conditioner on it and French braid it–keeps me cool and keeps the frizz down to a minimum.

Also, you might try not brushing it, but picking it. That somehow separates the hair strands without making them flyaway etc.

Good luck.

I have curly hair that if not treated well, will go to frizz in about three seconds. First, don’t ever attempt to brush it while dry unless you want to look like a Simpson’s character. Then a gel that I’ve found works very well is by L’Oreal called Lasting Curls. To me, it is worth the 5 dollars for a small bottle price for what it does.

Shampoo only every other day, and I swear by the Body Shop’s Coconut Oil Hair Shine. Seven or eight dollars for a little tin that will last me about 6-7 months.

The anti-frizz stuff I used when my hair was long was Zero Frizz. It was more a combination of a serum and light gel texture, and worked very well. It was fairly cheap too. I still use Secret Weapon by John Frieda as a finishing creme, because my wavy still frizzes even though it’s short.

That deadzone of fuzz on the back? That’s just the poor most-abused hair, it gets the most sun, gets tossed about by the wind, takes the brunt of blow-drying, gets touched the most, etc. About the only thing you can try to even things out is regular trimming as it grows out and try to minimize further damage.

Product, product, product. I like to switch around fairly often, so I’ve got a rotating cast of anti-frizz and enrichment doobobbies, I guess I think I’m preventing build-up of any single product that way. L’Oreal’s Springing Curls mousse, Garnier Fructis curl-protecting gel, Charles Worthington hair healer, Vive Shine and Gloss, all sorts of serums and intensive conditioners.

The only time I comb my hair is after a shower, and it’s never brushed. Shampoo (every 2nd or 3rd shower), condition and pat dry, apply protective product then gently comb thru with a wide-toothed comb or pick. Then apply styling product, working thru with hands. Starting out wet means both products slide thru very easily and I don’t have to glom on too much. I generally air-dry but if I must speed things along I use a cooler heat and just aim for lifting at the roots.

Never ever comb thru it once it’s begun drying, you’re ripping all the curls apart and confusing the poor things. Playing with it too much increases frizz, over-processing increases frizz, lack of any sort of oil increases frizz. Feed it well and leave it alone, that’s my policy.

I second the Garnier Fructisse product that Queen Tonya mentioned. I use their shampoos and conditioners as well and while I still occasionally get frizzy if it’s hard-to-breath humid, frizz is practically a thing of the past. It smells good too, like fruit salad.

My hair is fine and wavy-going-towards-straight/curly, depending on what I do to it. I have a lot of it, though, so it doesn’t look like it’s as fine as it is. It’s fine enough that the weight of it drags it straight on top. Petroleum-based anti-frizz products (Frizz Ease, etc.) just make my hair limp and greasy looking.

I never brush my hair after I’ve put product in it or when it’s dry. My brush has wide plastic “teeth,” so it’s more like a comb anyway. If I need to pull it back while it’s dry, I use my fingers to smooth it out or I mist it and use a wide-tooth comb.

For product, I use something called Split Decision (I think.) I got it at Sally Beauty Supply. If you let your hair air-dry, you get curls. If you blow dry it, it should go straight, but I’m not big on blowdrying so I’ve no idea if that works. If I do blowdry, I use a holding mousse by Suave. It holds the style without adding loads of volume. Gels I thin out with water because I find they get too crunch otherwise.

Lastly, if the ends are damaged (you get tangles at the bottom when combing through it), you might want to consider getting an inch or two off the bottom. A good hairstylist ought to be able to give some advice on what hairstyle is best to work with your waves. I find that layers keep things from getting too poofy.

I use Aveda’s Be Curly. It keeps the frizz down amazingly well, and when the weather’s just right it can encourage my waves to become curls. It isn’t cheap (~$25CDN) but a tube lasts me 6-7 months.

I have very kinky curls, and it all goes to frizz if I don’t keep up every single step of my routine; even then we have bad days when it’s especially humid.

First: Pantene. I use the “smooth and silky” instead of the kind for curls. It just works better. I buy the shampoo plus conditioner AND the conditioner.
I only shampoo the scalp. I try to avoid shampoo on the ends completely. Every other day works for me. I only comb with conditioner in my hair. After rinsing (Cool water rinse-dont know if it really helps but I enjoy it) then flip it a bit to dry. I dont even towel it off. Then I use Fructis extra hold gel. I love Biolage the most but it’s hard for me to spend the money or get out to buy it.
I squeeze out the water gently with gel-covered hands then let it dry naturally, which I imagine would be hard for anyone that actually has a life.

Also, cuts- find someone like in Curly Girl, who knows how to cut curls. I didn’t have my hair cut for years and I had a lot of damage after a bad blunt cut (can ya say Rosanne Roseannadanna?). I still don’t pay to have mine cut; I get my daughter to trim individual curls like the book says. The difference is amazing!

I never liked my hair until I read that book.

This year I started to get worse frizz problems than ever. I went to an upscale salon and the stylist recommended Kérastase oléo-relax. Shampoo, conditioner, and spray. The stuff actually worked quite well, made my hair lie down smooth and flat without losing body. It was like nothing else I’d tried before. It was rather expensive too. When it ran out a month later, I went back to the salon and found they’d discontinued Kérastase products. Said they didn’t like the way the company did business.

So I went back to cheap but easily available Avalon Organics shampoo and conditioner. My hair has started to frizz again, but not too much. I just have to remind myself to use at least twice as much conditioner as I think I need.

The weird thing was the day after the Kérastase shampoo and conditioner were gone. I didn’t even wash, but my hair just freaked out at missing the daily dose of K. It got all dry and started falling out in handfuls. Once I’d returned it to its pre-Kérastase state, it calmed down again. It fluffs more without the K. So my suggestion is to be cautious about sudden radical changes in the type of products you’re using. Anybody else tried Kérastase?

My hair was frizzing like crazy today. I looked like a freeking Oompa Loompa. (I am a man.)
My solution?

Shaved every last strand off.

Not going back either.

If you don’t mind spending some money, you might want to look into getting it chemically straightened at a hair salon. I have moderately wavy hair, and I live in incredibly humid Louisiana, so my hair has a tendency to frizz and fluff. I got my hair straightened last summer and it worked wonders. Don’t worry - your hair won’t become pin-straight unless you work at it, so if you don’t blow dry it, etc, you’ll still have somewhat (though probably less-)wavy hair. I don’t know how this would work for people with curly hair, though.

Frizz, eh? Yeah, I battle with it sometimes myself, but I still have gorgeous hair because I’ve learned how to train it.

Some tricks I’ve learned:

- Make sure you have a good cut. Layers are essential for curly girls. There's no other way around it, I don't care how much you love blunt cuts. They will NOT look right. It sounds like you have a bit of damage, you need to get that trimmed out of your head. It will never be fixed, once it's gone, it's gone. 

- Condition every time you shampoo, but at the very most you can only shampoo every other day. I personally love Garnier Fructise products, they make a combo called "sleek and shine" which works well or you can get the "long and strong" line to protect your hair from damage.

- Deep condition at LEAST once a week. Again Garnier Fructise, they have a round tub of deep conditioner that's called Fortifying Deep Conditioner Treatment - **BEST. STUFF. EVER.**

- Never, ever, ever, ever brush or comb your hair unless you are straightening it. Finger-pick your hair only.

- [This]( stuff works wonders whether you're curling your hair or straightening it. It's expensive, but one of the best glossers I have ever used and I'm a hair-product whore. Plus it has a wonderful strawberry scent . . . yummy!

- Find a good ion hair dryer, use a low setting, **put a diffuser on it***, turn your head upside down, and scrunch your hair until dry.

- Use your fingers to individually shape curls or use a 1" barrel iron to shape any kinkies.

- And one last thing . . . get a bottle of shampoo that will clean build-up off of your hair. I usually get either a Neutrogena or Head and Shoulders to clean my hair and scalp once a week. Try using that before your deep conditioner treatment.

If you do all this, you will have a gorgeous head of curls. I go from straight to wavy to gorgeous curls every single week and the most compliments I get are when I let my curls come out. If you purchase all this tuff, it’ll run you up-front about $75+. But once you have the essentials, you’ll just need to worry about the shampoo and conditioner. The glosser lasts a long time, I’ve had mine for over 6 months now.


I have long black thick naturally curly hair. I don’t like Pantene, though it does work for some.

Try Ombra-----

it’s a body wash and hair wash. This is all natural, and it seems to work. The Lavender is really nice, works for me… they have other nice ones too. I don’t use shampoos much anymore. Too much chemicals in them. Except Johnson’s baby shampoo… it’s pretty good. Use a light mousse after, or leave in conditioner---- Neutogena Triple moisture— it’s a new one, and leave-in. You only need a bit. Put on when hair is still wet. Most people put way too much product on their hair. My mother always said wash it in Mayo and eggs. or eggs and beer. It works. There are some nice organics with milk and honey that are really nice. NEVER use anything that is FOR frizz. Honestly. They are worse.
John Frieda frizz products are prime example. BUT----! They have a new line called “Brilliant Brunettes” which is pretty good.

To be honest, the BEST by far are Aveda, if you’re prepared to pay $20- and up for per bottle of shampoo and conditioner. or more.
Hope this helps. my twenty dollars. (as opposed to 2 cents. lol.)


Flatironing, IS dreadful. stop now. back away from the flat-iron. lol. really.

I recommend the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny line, and a GOOD flat iron. It’s expensive, but I’ve seen it work miracles on frizzy hair. I used to work in a salon, and the hairdressers were such believers in the PM line, that they used it on everyone with remotely frizzy hair. Seriously, it can tame anything, but as I’ve said before, it can get pricey.
The Super Skinny shampoos and conditioners aren’t as essential as the Super Skinny Serum. That stuff is amazing! Also, the Gloss Drops are essential. Pair the two of them with a ceramic iron that reaches at 400 degrees farenheit, and you’ll have the smoothest, most beautiful hair around. If you don’t want to go totally straight, the serum still tames frizz on wavy hair amazingly well. Get thee to a Paul Mitchell salon!!!

forgot to add— I ain’t no hippy chick either- far from it— but when someone mentions “chemicals” and hair in the same sentence, I get a tad upset. I dye my hair- due to early grey hair----- and now only use organics. Patti Smith uses nothing but Soya Sauce!! true. The rock goddess/Poet. Patti

that’s all. I’ve tried some hair muds which are good too. cheers. oh girly topics, I luv it… This is going in the journal…

ciao for now…