88 miuntes -spoil me please

I have no intention of seeing it, so I’m taking a wild guess here:

Let me guess, Al Pacino is the real killer/psycho nutcase, and the whole 88 minutes thing is some other guy’s attempt to bring Al Pacino to justice. For the love of pete please do not say the guy in prison is actually BEHIND THE WHOLE THING!!!11

I’m guessing that:

Al Pacino has a split personality and he’s going to kill himself in 88 minutes.

My guess:

Pacino ate some bad fugu and is in a coma in which he experiences the events described in the movie, while doctors rush to save him, knowing that people who have this particular level of fugu poisoning generally only last for 88 minutes.

Here’s my guess:

There’s really no need to put spoiler boxes around guesses.

Good one.

Well, I could be the only person in Doperville that’s seen 88 Minutes…so here’s your answer:

Al Pacino isn’t the killer, it’s one of his students.


When I saw the ad for the first time, I said

I bet the killer is that one student who looks sort-of familiar, almost like Cary Elwes. Shit! I looked him it up on IMDB and can’t find a pic of him! sigh.


If you go to www.moviepooper.com, you will find an entry for the movie. If you would like a blow-by-blow account, I’m sure some brave soul will post one to www.themoviespoiler.com any day now. In any case, both are great sites to consult.

Ben McKenzie from the O.C. Weird, when I saw him in the trailer, I thought the same thing.

Ah but have you considered this?

Putting my guess in a spoiler box makes it seem more interesting and important, no matter how inane it actually is!