8mm Camera to play on TV?

Hey folks, I recently got my brothers Canon ES190 Videocamera and last night tested it out on the mean streets and filmed a nice ride. I was just wondering how on earth can I get it to play on a TV? Theres a little socket that has Audio/Video Out written beside it and I stuck one of those 3 coloured cables into it (the jack is yellow) and I stuck the other yellow end into the TV. No picture comes up and the peice in the camera hardly stays in. I can’t find the users manual and I can’t call him because he just moved to South Korea to teach and we don’t have his number yet either. Any and all help is appreciated.

I’d use the A/V ports, as you attempted. You’ve generally got to set the TV to the input “channel”… there’s probably a button on the TV remote that says “TV/ Video” or “Input” or something to that effect. Failing that, try going to channel 2 and then going down one.
Make sure your cable is the right type. It doesn’t matter which color you use as long as they match up with the TV and camera (you can stick the red plug in the yellow jack on both ends and still get a picture, for example).

If that is in fact a video inoput it should have at least one RCA audio input jack as well. If not I suspeect you somehow plugged into the antenna jack. If this is the case you need an RF modulator. You can also use a VCR that has AV inputs. Plug the camera’s output into the VCR’s inputs and plug the VCR’s antenna out to the TV’s antenna jack and tune it to the appropriate channel.