9/11 and dollar bills

http://www.glennbeck.com/news/05172002.shtml tells you how to see 9/11 images in various bills. What I want to know is how to fold the $20.00 to make it spell OSAMA I can’t figure out out

The O is the “0” in “20,” the “S” is one of the Ss in “States”, and “AM” and “A” come from “America.”

Now, all we have to do is show that Nostradamus worked for the mint. :rolleyes:

Thaks. Couldn’t think if using the zero as the letter O

Some people have way too much free time. :rolleyes:

I love the last comment in the box at the end. “If you fold the new dollar coin in half, it turns into a black helicopter.” I could only read that with heavy sarcasm, though I don’t doubt that there are people out there who take it seriously.

And disproving the old adage, if you fold Paris Hilton in half, you get a silk purse.

Regarding folding the money…other than maybe winning a free drink in a bar bet, the point of all this financial origami is?

I think some people are using it as evidence of a conspiricy within the US Government to cause the WTC to be destroyed. Because if there was a conspiricy, the conspiritors would leave clues like this :rolleyes:

And if Paris Hilton and all her friends were laid end to end - I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.

[sub]with many apologies to Dorothy Parker…[/sub]

I have 2 twenties in my wallet as I read this, but unfortunately they’re both series 1999. I tried folding them anyway and I got the same results as that site does.\

It IS an amusing coincidence though.

That’s not how it goes. It’s

“If you fold Paris Hilton in half, film it in night-vision and post it on the internet, you’ll be famous within the hour.”