9 Volt batteries

Apparently if you put a 9 volt battery in your pocket it will get very, very warm.

Who woulda thunk it.

Ya don’t say.

No thanks to the board search feature. I had to use Google to find that.

Pfft, well sure you got your smarts from reading. I got it the hard way. On the streets. :wink:

At least you didn’t have a .22 round in your pocket.

A 9-volt battery on my desk exploded --twice. There’s a thread about it somewhere.

The two electrodes got pushed against a soda can and started a current flow, which just kept going until the cells inside exploded.

And there were two explosion because two cells blew maybe a second or 2 apart, and I had no idea there were multiple cells until I looked at the wreckage. There are 6 small cells inside that look like AAA batteries, but are even smaller. And they are all wired together, but there isn’t a complete circuit.

Either you had a really defective battery, or something in your pocket that complete the circuit. It’s way easier to do with a 9-volt, as the electrodes are both on the same side.

When I was six years old I discovered that you can make a fun game out of touching the two terminals on a 9V battery with your tongue. Shocking fun.

Mmmmmm electrilicious.

If you short out any battery it will overheat. Alkaline batteries will sometimes actually EXPLODE!!! (ok, it’s more like a pop than a BOOM, but you get my point) but most of the time they just swell and leak hot goo.

9 volt batteries are easier to short out than other batteries because both terminals are on the same side of the battery, so a single coin or key can easily do the trick. AAA and other types of batteries are harder to short out just because the terminals are on opposite sides of the battery. A couple of AAA batteries and a couple of coins will easily give you a hot pocket.

Now if you manage to short out a much bigger battery (like a car battery) then you can get even more impressive results, like an actual explosion with flying bits of plastic and battery acid. While it is difficult to stick a car battery in your pants (keep your big battery jokes to yourself please), it’s not so difficult to drop your wrench or screwdriver across the terminals while you are working on the car.

Ouch. That reminds me. You don’t need to actually die to win a Darwin award. All you need to do is remove your ability to reproduce.

A coworker of mine forgot to remove his wedding ring one night and received a nasty burn when his ring shorted out the terminals on a 9 volt battery which was being used in a back-up circuit. It was really hard to reach and when it came loose he grasped it with the terminals against the ring.

I have a couple USB drives in my pocket with metal thingies that slide around the adapter. I think I completed the circuit with one of those.

I knew some guys in the army who were doing that with a field phone. They touched exposed wiring to their teeth/mouth/tongue and cranked up the hand generator. I politely declined to participate.

In my high school electronics class they taught us that you can guesstimate how much of a charge a 9 volt battery has by touching it to your tongue.

Place a pencil lead between the terminals.:eek:

Really? how does that work? Or is it just a simple “if it tingles, it’s charged” thing?

If it hurts a little and is unpleasant, it’s good. If it just tingles a little it’s weak.

This works really well with one of the large 6 volt lantern batteries. Quite the effect. I’ve actually used a spring (out of a ball point pen) across the terminals of a 6 volt battery to light a cig while underway on a submarine and the oxygen level was too low to fire up a regular butane lighter.

All I know about 9 volts is that my brother sternly instructed me to lick one, so I did.

Oh, the coppery metallic fizzy fuzzy burn…

And as I always say in these threads :- Don’t touch the terminals of a 9v battery to your top and bottom braces. :smack: