900 mph winds on Neptune . . .what would happen if I stepped on to say hi??

Just read where scientists think that storm winds reach 900 mph on the planet Neptune.

The fact that the climate, lack of oxygen etc would instantly kill me aside, what exactly would happen if a human being was caught in a 900 mph wind? And would there be a sonic boom as my brains are pushed through a cliff?

Is it theoretically possible for winds to get that fast on Earth?

Well I’ll bet they aren’t dust storms.
Must not be much wind resistance.
I wonder what speed you would have to attain to be blown off the planet.

Winds can get to hundreds of miles an hour on Mars. But since the atmosphere is a few milibars, it doesn’t make much difference at all. I guess it depends on how thick the atmosphere is on Neptune, and how padded your suit was. Going 900 MPH isn’t a death sentence. Jets do that routinely.

Can Earth have wind that fast? Anything’s possible.

You can generate enough inertia to counter the fierce winds by say… using a really really big fan. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you stepped outside to say hi on Neptune, you wouldn’t be killed by the wind. You’d be killed by falling towards the core of the planet, crushed to a pulp by the exceedingly high pressure.

Neprune is, after all, a gas giant.

Rather than a topic about Neptune, the OP seems to be a question as to whether a human can survive a 900 mph wind.

On Earth’s surface, I’d say “no way” (I’d also WAG that this kind of wind would be impossible to create on Earth without something like an asteroid impact).

Otherwise, I’d agree with Enderw23 that it depends on the atmospheric pressure. The deeper you go into the atmosphere, the thicker it gets and the more pressure you would experience. I suspect that the highest winds are in the upper atmosphere where pressures are lower.

The sonic boom thing also depends on atmospheric temperature and pressure.

FWIW, this website http://www.seds.org/billa/tnp/neptune.html
says that the winds are up to 2000 kph (1240 mph)!

Why couldn’t someone survive 900mph winds? If the wind slowly picked up (not a gust), and there was nothing for the person slam into, what would kill him or her?

Depends on what he’s wearing. 900mph on earth is almost Mach 2, so I’d guess an unprotected human would suffer massive injuries from the physica force of the wind. I can’t imagine what would happen if you tried to inhale supersonic wind, but I don’t think it would be pretty.

On the other hand, with a suitable protective gear and breathing gear, you can survive it. I believe there are fighter plane ejection seats designed to work at supersonic speeds.

Is this a new variety of prune?