93 toyata camry trans problems

My girlfriends camry is having trans problems. Will drive a few blocks and then act like it goes into nuetral. Sit a few minutes will take off again but do the same thing. Is this fixable or new tranny time?

Is it an automatic?
If so, has anyone checked the fluid level?

Fluid level is fine and doesn’t smell burned.

It doesn’t act like it is slipping as much as it does just comming out of gear.

Well, is the shifter actually in the neutral position, or does it still feel engaged, as far as you can tell? and I’m assuming it’s automatic.

It might be time for a new tranny, but it could be a torque converter problem, or something mechanically wrong with the shifting mechanism. I don’t know anything about this car. Is it on the column, or the floor? do you have to do what you normally do to operate it, which is to say, pull it forward if it’s on the column, or press a button if it’s on the floor?

Does it do it in reverse as well? what about low gear?

When was the last time you changed the transmission filter? You can have plenty of fluid on the dipstick, but if the filter is clogged, so the fluid isn’t circulating, it will behave as though it is low on fluid.

This is compatible with the symptom, and is worth investigating. If this isn’t it, it’s time for a rebuild or replacement.

I’d cross my fingers and hope for this, honestly. IMO, there’s a good chance this will be it.

However, he hasn’t said whether the shifter is actually popping into neutral (a pretty unusual problem for an automatic, but possible). If that’s the case, the linkages could be bent, or the problem could be with the torque converter.

No the linkage and shifter are fine, it acts as if a solenoid or something might be going bad and suddenly just looses pressure. My first thought was a plugged filter but I have noticed with plug filters they usually start to act up gradually where they slip going around corners or when shifting. This car will be driving around at say 35 mph and suddenly loose all power at the trans. She says if she shuts it off restarts after a few minutes it will take off again. I am taking in to a tranny shop but was looking for some hope it might be a valve or solenoid. No active codes, so I am fearing the worst.

Does it still do it if she puts it in low gear?

I can’t get a clear answer on this. She thinks it helps but she stil has to wait a few minutes.

That’s actually a good sign that it may be the trans oil filter. If it gets worse the faster she goes, though, it actually could be a fuel system problem. You could have a fuel pump on its way out. That would explain why it gets better if she waits a minute. What happens if she pumps the accelerator when it loses power? Does the car have a tachometer? If its not getting enough fuel, it will downshift itself, even though you are pressing the gas pedal.

~RivkahChaya, former Army mechanic

It is the transmission, no doubt, I am a 40 year truck mechanic but never fooled with cars. The transmission simply looses all power. It will go 20 mph or 80 mph with no problem and then suddenly just looses pressure. I have not personally experienced it. No slipping when I drove it. I don’t know if this car shifts electronicaly. I will have a chance to drive it again tomorrow, she says you can’t go a block without it happening now. So I will have a better idea what it is actually doing.

Can you test locking down to 1st (eg when stopped, put it in 1st. locked in first… )

and test locked to 2nd (since you cannot lock it UP in 2nd when stopped, it may drop to 1st … so you would have to test this at a speed where it would not try 1st.)
Maybe one or the other never works… this is where the band (friction material ) is worn out…

So, what’s the verdict?