99 Year Lease

Obviously the 99 year lease term was a function of pre Y2K convention.

For a hundred year lease, it would have read “00” and who would make a lease for zero years in length? No one, I say.


A chance to nitpick Cecil:

You can draw it up, but it’s another matter whether government entities like the IRS or SEC will recognize it as such. Apparently, leasing in lieu of capitalizing an asset is an accounting finagle that dates back to medieval times.

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Why are leases made for 99-year terms? (22-Jul-1977)

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And what the heck did Cecil mean by “the hubba-hubba colonists” ?!?

I always thought the early American colonials were kinda prudish.

One of the more interesting parts of my college American History class was the discussion of the characters of the different colonies. IIRC, Massachussetts and Pennsylvania were more prudish and tended to force out their misfits, and the ranks of these rejects would collect in Rhode Island.

As for “hubba-hubba”, maybe that means “pushy” rather than “horny”.