999 Letsby Avenue

Will some Briton please explain to this poor American what’s so funny about a Police station with an address of 999 Letsby Avenue? I understand that the American equivalent would be 911 Letsby Ave. (999 being the British emergency number), but that doesn’t seem to help. This apparently is a pun, but perhaps I have the wrong accent to get it. (And I usually don’t have much problem with British humour.)

999 is the number you dial to talk to the emergency services.

“Lets be ‘avin’ you” is what policemen supposedly say when they arrest someone who is reluctant to come quietly (I don’t expect they ever commonly said this - I should think it arose in comedy on the stage or screen somewhere)

eh, wot’s this then?

Evenin’ all.

What’s all this then?

You’re nicked sonny.

I didn’t mean no trouble, guv’nor.

You taking the piss out this thread?!?!
this is fun

Let Him Have It!!!
ooops. wrong side of the law.

He fell down the stairs guv’nor, on the way to the cells.

Oi was proceedin’ in a southerly direction, m’lord, when I 'eard a strange sound…

Don’t tase me, bro!

[sub]oh, wait…[/sub]

Don’t try to lay no boojie woojie on the king of rock n roll. :cool:

What is this from, anyway? Sounds fun.

I rarely laugh out loud at posts here. I’m still chuckling from that.

Is you doin’ a blag on my manor ?

'Ello, ello, ello, what’s all this here then?

I shall have to ask you to accompany me…

I was proceedin’ along on my bicycle, y’r honour, when I spots a lad of considerable girth accosting a poor old lady what was mindin’ 'er own business.

Irish Stew in the name of the law

Society is to blame.