This may sound a little silly, but what exactly does the “A.1.” on the A.1. Steak Sauce bottles mean? My roommate and I thought that it possibly meant First of the Best…but we’re still unsure.

In a time when a kings palate was supreme. Henderson William Brand, chef to England’s King George IV, creates a special sauce for the king’s table. The king is so impressed with the new sauce, he proclaims it “A1”.


  1. In good health. Derived from “A-1 at Lloyd’s”, an old marine insurance phrase, referring to Lloyd’s of London insurance company registering first-class ships as A-1.

  2. In excellent or top condition. The Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service of the U.S. Department of Defense maintains an extensive database of items in its inventory. Item condition is designated by a two-character Federal Condition Code (FCC). The first character, a letter, designates the “supply condition,” and the second character, a number, designates its “disposal” condition. A supply designation of “A” indicates “new, used, repaired, or reconditioned material that is serviceable and issuable to all customers without limitation or restrictions…” A disposal designation of “1” indicates “property that is in new condition or unused condition and can be used immediately without modifications or repairs.” Hence, items with an FCC of A1 are in top condition.