A $2.50 value, your price today $1.50

WTF is that? I saw this sticker on a box of baby powder my wife had bought. Who said it was a $2.50 value? I might understand if the sticker had said,

“We regularly try to charge $2.50 for this item but today we are coming down to $1.50 because we tried to charge too much for it to begin with and now we need to move it before it rots and turns into a friggin caked up brick right here on the shelf.”

And another thing, when Sears advertises their appliances on TV they say 10% off on all washers and dryers in April only, that’s all they say… 10% off of what price in April only?? A price comparable to other washers and dryers for sale? Nope, Sears has some of the highest prices going.

Does Sears assume that the public is gonna rush in there and say, "Thank you Sears for marking up the original price 10% then advertising it at 10% off, thus allowing me to pay you the regular price that you usually sell it for, while thinking that I took advantage of a terrific sale?

And by the way let me put that on my Sears Credit Card so I can pay the 21% interest compounded annualy thereby paying almost 25% more than what you say these products are worth." Geezz do they think the public is a herd of brain dead sheep?

One last rant:
I went looking to buy my son a used car. The dealership in the next town was having their “Hotter than Hell sale” last july. I saw huge signs with balloons saying “All cars slashed by 10-25%”…dammit… slashed down from what??? Bluebook? Ummmm no, I priced some cars on that lot and they were already priced 20% higher than the bluebook price.

Yeah I know caveat emptor or whatever,( my latin sucks) but it still pisses me off.

I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

Yours truly,

You just now getting around to noticing this, aha?

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side.” — Han Solo

That’s exactly what they think … and they’re right! Otherwise these slimy companies would go out of business, wouldn’t they?

Try the jewelry business. Those guys always have ‘40-60% off’ sales. If they can eliminate 40% of their margin and still make money, how much markup is in their original price?

And yes, we are sheep.


Buy a diamond, it’s what our society dictates is proper.



“This is going to take a special blend of psychology and extreme violence.”