A 24 hour marathon of Iron Giant?!?

Starting tomorrow night Cartoon Network will be running a 24 hour marathon of Iron Giant.

Yes, the movie.

Over and over, back to back, for 24 hours.


Exactly. I have no idea why they’re running it for 24 freaking hours. Just the movie. Not any “The Making of Iron Giant” or “Behind the Scenes” or anything, just the movie.

It’s a great movie, but good grief.

hopefully that means the special edition dvd is coming out soon.

Well, TNT, also a former Ted Turner property, but now wholly owned by Time/Warner, shows a 24-hour marathon of A Chrstimas Story every year. I figure it’s a device to give the technical folks who actually run the equipment the day off, too, except for the one unlucky bastard who has to stay.

I’m looking forward to it (at least one showing’s worth), as I have yet to see the film but have heard that it’s one of the best animated films to come out in recent years.

It’s because Iron Giant is a really really good movie, and a lot of people (myself included) never remember when something is on. So now I can turn my TV on any time and watch it. If there wasn’t much on, I could watch it more than once in a day too.

Oh, FNRFR, if you haven’t seen it, you must catch it. It definitely lives up to the hype.

(And even though I already have the Iron Giant DVD, I’ll probably get the Special Edition one too, just for the extras…)

I just watched it, and now I’m watching it a second time :slight_smile:

Yay! I’ve been meaning to watch this movie for years, and now I can…in the middle of the night…for absolutely no good reason…since there’s never any good flicks on late night TV anymore…and I have no life!

It better be good after this sad realization.

I saw Iron Giant a couple of weeks back and while I thought it was decent it wasn’t as good as I had expected.

While watching it I couldn’t help thinking that Hayao Miyazaki would have done it better. And I can’t quite put my finger on it but I have discovered after watching some anime that I find the voices in American animation a little annoying.

Wow. What a good film. Very touching. I know someone in a chat room who worked on the distribution. He’s been telling me for a couple of years that I must see it. Now I see why.

I don’t know, but my own best guess about why the network would play a movie back-to-back for 24 hours in a row would be that the network makes money doing that. I’m not being sarcastic, I mean it. Ever read how “It’s A Wonderful Life” only became the holiday TV staple that it was because somehow it was dirt cheap for local stations to air it?
Maybe the network paid someone a single low price for showing Iron Giant on a certain date … no matter how many times they showed it on that date. Maybe the network was then able to sell advertisers some pricey ad time during this IG marathon by pointing to the movie’s box office success and so maybe the whole thing is making the network a passle o’ moolah.
Honestly, I can’t picture the network doing anything for any other reason than to make money.
Please don’t read any cynicism into this; there’s none intended.

I noticed that a LOT of the advertising and filler during the commercial breaks, at least half of it, is promotions for the Powerpuff Girl movie. I think they decided to do a big promotion for it’s release and since they also have a network they can get the advertising for free. Only show one movie so you don’t have as much royalty overhead.

Well, it’s a nice movie, but my kids have managed to take all the charm out of it for me by now.

Boy turns it on at 7:30 and starts watching it then wanders off, leaving the TV on, comes back in later and starts watching it again and has to watch it three times like that to finally see the whole thing. Daughter does the same thing only she does it after the son goes to bed.

It has been playing constantly since 7:30.

This is the way my kids always watch movies: over and over and over until I know the dialog by heart and am ready to rip the tape up.

Finally, however, I get to turn it off. Maybe in a month I’ll be able to watch the DVD that the kids now say they want, but right now I don’t want to see it anymore.

I watched all but the first 20 minutes of it, and I thought it was a good movie. But every time I turn it on, I can’t catch the beginning! It doesn’t help that it starts at like 9:45 instead of 10.

But I thought it was a good movie, nonetheless. I wanted to see it when it first came out, but I forgot about it until I saw it last night.