A 27-inch Newborn--Typo?

I really didn’t know where to put this- it’s kind of a general question, but it’s about a celebrity’s baby, and yet it’s also MPSIMS.

From here- it states that Don Johnson’s new baby is 27 inches long. I’ve only ever heard of newborns being 18-22 inches, so this seems awfully tall for a baby just born.

Is it a typo or did he really father a giant baby?

I’ve known of babies that were 23 3/4 inches tall before, but 27 inches does seem rather long. Was the baby way overdue? :eek:

Our baby was unusually large at birth and she still was only 23.6 inches at birth. 27 inches sounds, well, huge.

I’d heard rumours about Don Johnson’s length, but I didn’t know it was so quickly inherited.

Not only that, but the baby was only seven pounds! That has to be a typo, either the length or the weight. If not, that poor child is underweight, and may have some kind of health problem that makes it so.

And by the way, since they say the baby weighted 7 lbs it seems as if he is VERY skinny. I say it must be a mistake.

Oh well, what a day.

I go and post my reply in a pit thread. Come back and repost it just to find out that somebody made the exact same point right above.

It isn’t my day.

A 27-inch Johnson. Heh!

I agree, that has to be a typo. 27-1/2" long and 7 lbs, that’s not a baby, that’s a piece of spaghetti.

So the consensus is that it’s a typo, as I thought. Must have been 21 inches.

I never heard that Don Johnson was gifted in that way, but I always have loved his voice… just gets to me.

I agree. My son was especially long and skinny 6lbs 9 ozs and 24". He looked like a worm, so 27+ " and only 7 ozs more, no way!

(I almost put ’ instead of ", now that would be skinny!)