A 40,000-ton floating condom?

Check out this article:
With All the Frills, Luxury Ship Will Be Floating Condo Retreat

“Although it looks like a cruise ship, The World is really a 40,000-ton floating condom complex.” (bolding mine)

heh heh…

Ohmygod! I guess the copy editor fell asleep at the wheel…Or was subconsciously concerned about his/her birth control :slight_smile:

Or maybe it really IS a condom complex…

Looks like someone is depending a little too heavily on the spell checker and not reading too carefully.

Man, that’s even too big for a sperm whale.

That calls for a rim-jo-- err, a rim-shot.

heh heh. I"m really wasted. That’s pretty funny anyway, thoough. :smiley:

Talk about your inadvertent typos or something like that, eh? I seem to remember there was a thread on a similar topic, only it was “pubic” in place of “public”.

Seems to have been fixed.

I’m reminded of the old Doonesbury comic strip where Mike Doonesbury is working on a condom ad campaign, but since they couldn’t say “condom,” they were instructed to use “condo” instead.

Yup. I hope this resulted a laugh, and not someone getting fired.

That’ll never fit in your wallet.

At the end of the day, isn’t that an accurate way to describe a double-hulled oil tanker?

A 40,000 ton floating condom?

I’ll bet it can hold a lot of seamen.

[sup]Well, someone had to say it.[/sup]

Dire Wolf, you beat me to it!

I do think, however, it would read better as “a condom**,** complex”. With 4,000 books, artwork, and real grass (and a lawn mower :eek: ) that’s far more complex than any condom I’ve ever used!

You must be using one of the smaller models then … The larger sizes come with libraries and golf courses. :smiley: