A $600 scholarship

My wife was told that our two boys are each going to receive $600 scholarships to their private school. It’s not clear to me whether that means per year or per month.

We had been paying about $700 per month tuition total. My wife assumed that they’ll each get $600 a month but I think otherwise.

What do the dopers say?

You are going to have to check with whomever is issuing the scholarship. It could mean either; monthly or per term.

Unless you were told otherwise, I would count on only getting $600. Period. I’ve never heard of a scholarship that was recurring. Certain big scholarships will be paid off in installments, but if it says “$50,000 scholarship”, that’s what you get total. “Fellowship” is usually the word I hear for grad students being supported on a year-to-year recurring basis.

Of course, all I know is college, and I get the feeling that by “private school” you mean a grade school or high school. In which case I know nothing and you should take what I say with a huge block of salt.

I think you need to ask the administrators of the scholarship. Anything here is a Wild Ass Guess or WAG.

Every scholarship group I’ve been involved in issues scholarships as a total or explicitly states per year or per semester. I’ve never heard of a per month scholarship.

When we issue a $600 scholarship, it’s $600. Total.