A-B Comparison Styled Chick Bracket?

A buddy and I were discussing women we used to work with 20 years ago and were trying to compare them on looks and such. I mentioned to him that I had seen a website where you were presented with two pictures and you picked one of them as “better” or “sexier” or “more desirable” or whatever and in the process of dealing with dozens to hundreds to as many as you could deal with in a sitting, you wound up with your own “top choice” of the ones available to select from.

My Yahoo! searches have produced only the sort of thing at Vote for the Sexiest Woman Alive! and variations on that theme from years past. But they all seem to be “in progress” or already finished.

My favorite such thing from the past was The 2010 Miller Lite Chick Bracket was brought to you by the Innisfree Irish Pub at WJOX in Birmingham last year.

Do you know of such a site as I described above?

Link(s) please.

Are you thinking of hotornot.com? I don’t know if they ever gave you your “top choice.”

I am familiar with those sites, and I believe that the ones I’ve seen just allow you to post a 1-10 ranking of hotness with no real feedback, and certainly no further comparison with others you may have ranked. If such enhancements to the basic Hot-Not concept do exist, I’d like to see such sites as well.

The closest analogy I can think of was from football season when you had a succession of A-B choices for “better team” (or maybe “favorite team”) where you eventually had your best pick(s) rise to the top or near there.

The “chick bracket” idea is great as long as you can be in on the early rounds. Getting there late in the process just makes for votes you might not have made yourself, and you’re just following the crowd’s choices.

What would be ideal is that A-B process from famous women (movies, TV, modeling, etc.) and an eventual personal favorite rising to the top after many (hundreds) of individual choices.

As an example, there were some threads last year or so where the “most beautiful woman born 1924-1954 (or something like that)” were mentioned and even suggestions for a poll of those mentioned. I don’t recall seeing that poll. But it would be fun, I believe.

Missed the edit window. It was The best looking woman born 1922-1942.

And I read the OP’s title as “Chick bracelet” and thought Jack Chick had come out with some new swag…

I suppose that’s no worse than having a new font version of some punctuation mark.