A Baby Formula Question

Punditlisa, you are a genuis like me with the prepare ahead of time the water/formula.

Being el cheapo here, I just carried a ziplock sandwich bag with a cup or so of formula in it with an extra spoon dispenser in it and kept it in the empty bottle in my purse. I would then fill the bottle up from a drinking foundation.

As for sterlized water…BAH HA HA HA HA HA. Sorry, I just crack up on that one.I consider boiling water one of the greatest time wasters in Mommyhood, BUT THAT IS JUST MY OPINION. We have a well WITH TRACES OF ARSENIC in it and I don’t sterlize. I’ve never had any health problems and haven’t been healtier since drinking this water. If you live on a city tap, don’t worry about it. Yeah, I can see all of you shaking your collective heads…but Shirley, it’s the health of your children we’re talking about here… yeah, they’ll probably die from a clogged artery induced from the diets that public school system dishes out long before the harmless traces of arsenic will affect them.