A bag of pot and a suicidal dog: Weirdest car buying experience ever

Last night, hubby and I bought a 2010 Tundra (our 2000–love that old girl!–could not fit our now-family of four). Whoop de woo! But that’s another thread.

While test driving, hubby casually asked the salesman if anyone had ever crashed during a test drive. “No,” he said. “Some kids who claim they can drive a manual but can’t stalling out the car and needing to tow it back, yes, but…” SCREE! I yelped as a German shepherd trotting casually in front of this huge truck. I slammed on the brakes, barely missing the frozen-in-fear big dog, who sculked away only once the truck stopped.

Actually, I should correct myself–there was no SCREE! Got to see the ABS brakes in action; they did their thing and the wheels didn’t lock up. “Well, you got to feel the power of the ABS brakes there,” the salesman chuckled.

Coming back to the dealership after the test drive, I noticed a small bag (like maybe 2" x 2") of something on the floor right at the entry. I thought it something benign–not sure what I thought it was–but hubby picked it up and gave it a sniff, then laughing handed it to the salesman who was aghast. Yup, someone dropped their bag of pot on the floor.

Salesman said they were regularly (and randomly) drug tested, so it wasn’t likely to belong to a salesman. He handed it to a group of other salesmen who were chatting in an office, and they look at it curiously, sniffed it, then laughed. Seriously…WTF?

Gotta wonder if someone is going to come by looking for it. “I, uh, dropped something…erm…did you find…uh…”

The guy must be petrified that you’re going to turn him in!

I was in the C-store one day when a bag of pot fell out of a young lady’s pocket on to the floor. She was very embarassed when I pointed it out to her.

They continuously and randomly drug test car salesman beyond the inital interview/hiring process? Really? Surprising.

About 20 years ago a buddy and I were at a concert, and at one point decided to visit the bathroom. When we got there, he suddenly started patting himself down, and got a look of horror on his face… “Fuck, it’s gone!” As we’re walking back to our seats, my buddy thoroughly dejected, he spies his baggie on the ground, out in the open in the outer part of the ampitheater - where literally hundreds of people are walking around. He casually reached down and picked it up as we passed, and we started cracking up.

Unrelated to car buying, but related to dropped pot…

When I was in high school, a friend of mine came over to hang out for a bit and let me hear some music. He wandered off later and I went about my way. About 30 minutes later he came in and explained that he had lost his bag of pot while he was there. I explained that I hadn’t seen it around, but it may turn up. A few days later, my mother was walking through the hall and opened the front door, only to have the dog stop and sniff a bag that was between the storm door and the other door. I explained that the pot wasn’t mine and my parents were okay with that, but my defense was solidified two days later when the friend stopped in my mother’s classroom at the school where she worked to ask for it back, explaining that he needed the money from selling it…which was hilarious!

Brendon Small

We almost lost an ounce once. That was a big investment for a bunch of high school kids. We were awfully worried there for a while. Turned out Idiot Friend had just misplaced it.

Never in my experience, has a random drug test been given to salesmen.

Salesmen, by very nature of their profession, are prone to risky behavior, including drug use.

In my experience, most dealerships drug test once on hire, if at all.

And for losing pot: I once lost a quarter on the way into a concert (the security guard wouldn’t let me take pot into a Bob Wier concert, really? But that’s alright, this cool 40-some year old lady shared her stash with us, because it was my birthday), and once lost an ounce in my room… but no worried, it turned up (my dog pushed it under my sofa).

My husband worked for local dealer who tested not only the salesmen, but EVERY employee with a hair test once. Several people lost jobs, even if they were only “weekend warriors”. Of course, it didn’t do anything to get rid of the alcoholics.

What are they supposed to do with the bag of pot at the dealership? Do they have to call the cops? (Not saying I think that’s “the right thing to do” but…I don’t know. Is there some kind of policy?)

At dealerships I worked at, it’d get “flushed.”

And by that, I mean someone would go to the bathroom to flush it, and pocket it and take it home.

Dealerships aren’t monolithic entities, though. Each one has it’s own policies.

I’ve never been in a dealership that required it’s event-staff to be tested (and I’ve worked as event staff)… but again, each dealership is different.

My husband went into a 7-11 in uniform. If you’re a dumb tweaker it might look like a policeman’s uniform. Dumb tweaker in front notice him, pulled change out of his pocket, dropped his baggy on the floor, took his purchase, without paying and ran out the door.

Hubby didn’t even notice until the clerk called 911 for the robbery/shoplift. The tweaker was caught a block away.

What is it about pot that makes it so easy to lose?

Ummm. What were we talking about again?

Many years ago, I worked at a funky little shop that made Renaissance boots and did repairs to all sorts of leather stuff - purses, jackets, etc.

Anything that we found in the item would be put into a manila envelope and stapled to the repair ticket. In that neighborhood, pretty much every jacket had that certain herbal essence. We probably should have abandoned the repair tickets and just wrote the info on the envelopes. Every so often, the phone would ring and at the other end would be “HiIjustdroppedoffmyjacketaboutanhouragotogetthezipperfixedandIthinkImighthaveleftsomethinginthepocketCanIcomedownandcheck?” Or “Uhh. Yeah. Hey man, I Uh… brought in a uh… jacket to uh be fixed. Uhm… I think I uh left uh something in it.”

“Yes, we found it. We’ll be open until 8PM tonight.”

My roommate once left a bag of pot on the table. It disappeared, but her cat was awfully happy for the next few hours.

The bag belonged to the dog. He was suicidal at the thought that he’d just lost some of the best weed he’d had in years!!!:smiley:
My dad bought a small cottage years ago. It was one of a series of rental places on a small lake. When they took possession and started cleaning it out, they found a bag of something herbal behind the fridge. It had apparently been there a LONG time, as it was so dry it crumbled at the merest touch. They dropped it off at the local state police post. I wish I could have been there when this 50-something machinist walked in and said, “Uh… we found this, and don’t know what to do with it”.

I was in a 7-11 once and the kid in front of us bought some rolling papers. We were all joking, 'Wonder what he is doing with those…" winknudge

After we made our purchases, we head out the door and saw a bag on the floor. “Well, he is going to be really disappointed when he gets home.”

My boyfriend had to take a client to court once. The guy showed up in a tracksuit, late, and while he was digging through his pockets for some pathetic piece of “evidence” a bag of pot fell out. Evidently the judge didn’t see it, but it hardly mattered anyway.

Heh, reminds me - once some friends of mine and I bought some grams of black hash, and we went to a local parking lot to divvy it up. The light was low, just a street light some way off, so this wasn’t a good idea - some guy (not me!) dropped it on the ground. We lit lighters to look for it, only to discover that the ground was covered in broken beer bottles - and bits of broken beer bottle look a lot like chunks of hash.

[It took about an hour, but we did find it eventually.]

Yeah? The judge was “cool”?