A Beautiful Mind? (spoilers)

There that should make it so that no description apears to ruin the plot.

Would the work that the guy did look like anything to a trained mind. Ie, CIA guy looks at papers and says: “Gee Wizz, it looks like there is a Soviet plot” or would it be just a garbled mess?

Would the work appeal logical although starting with a false assumption?

Wall papering his office with papers, is that typical of patients with his disease, or of problem solvers?

I saw the show last night on the TV, it was very good.



You know the work he did to find the mini atomic bomb? By looking through the periodicals.


If you’re talking about the movie about John Nash (starring Russell Crowe), then let me advise you that the movie script took great artistic liberties with his story.
Nash indeed suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and he worked for the government for a short period. However, beyond some basic facts about his life (his mental illness, shock treatment therapy, his Nobel prize), most of what you saw was a script writer’s imagined depiction of his mental illness. Very little is known about his true experiences living with mental illness because Nash is not forthcoming about it.

Interesting tidbit: Nash has two sons. One was born out of wedlock shortly before he married his wife. That son is brilliant as well but similarly suffers from schizophrenia.

It never appeared (to me at least) that Movie-Character- Nash’s finding-patterns-pathology would have made sense to anyone else, even to someone with equal intelligence.

The impression I got was that he sees patterns that genuinely are there - he could explain his reasoning, and you would think "oh, huh. Yes, I guess if you do that this copy of vogue really does say “Kill them all! Redrum, redrum!”.

The point is that just because the pattern is there, doesn’t mean that it is there deliberately. If you look hard enough you can see patterns in everything. This point was made quite convincingly with the stars scene - he’s pointing out shapes in the stars. The shapes are there, and he sees them, but the fact that they are there is not due to any higher design or order. The scattering of stars is (essentially) random, and he is imposing the order himself by selecting the relevant stars.

The best thing for you to do is read the book and find out what really went on. I believe that Nash actually did put clippings up in his garage in Princeton Junction. Not much true in the movie besides that. The actual story of how Alicia took care of him is actually more interesting than in the movie.

PunditLisa writes:

> One was born out of wedlock shortly before he married his wife. That son is
> brilliant as well but similarly suffers from schizophrenia.

No, it’s his legitimate son who is also a math Ph.D. and who also suffers from schzophrenia.

You should assume that any facts you have remembered from the film are incorrect, because most of it was made up.

Too right, chap. It’s still interesting, though.