A. Bertram Chandler Novels--Recommendations?

Can anybody recommend a good place to start in A. Bertram Chandler’s John Grimes series?

Thank you

Not one recommendation? :eek:

I’ve read Chandler, but not the Grimes stories, and what I have read left so small an impression that I can neither recall titles nor plots. Not a good sign.

I’d go with the oldest book you can find first. I think “The Rim of Space” was the first major one. There are two major phases to Grimes’ career - in the Survey Service, and when he goes off to the Rim. Chandler filled in parts of his career in the later books - the earlier ones are a bit more fun. When you read a couple you can decide which series you like best.
[url=http://www.bertramchandler.com/JohnGrimes.htm]here[/ur] is a listing of the stories in order by his career. I haven’t checked it for completeness, and I wouldn’t read them in this order - some of the later, Rim stories are much better.

List of Grimes stories
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