A big "Fuck You" to Congressman Hostettler

Concerned about Canada’s refugee policy

Fuck you very much Congressman Hostettler. I too am concerned about Canada’s refugee and immigration policies – but my concern is different than yours. I grew up and went to school with refugees from Chile, from Guatemala, from Salvador, refugees who had to flee their countries to escape murderous regimes your government installed and/or supported. The only thing I am interested in hearing from you is an apology for the role America played in displacing these people.

These people came to Canada in fear of their lives. The only thing we (Canadians) have to apologize for is that our refugee laws may be too restrictive. When you issue such an apology, when you accept the historical responsibility for displacing these people, maybe then I will be interested what you have to say. Until then, how about you swallow a big dose of shut the fuck up.

And let’s make one more thing clear, I feel the same way towards the former Soviet Union for the refugees I grew up with who originated in Eastern Europe and towards those who forced people to flee from South Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia and all the other countries whose past (and current) regimes preyed upon their own people. Canada may be faulted for not doing enough for refugees, but fuck you and anyone else who might suggest we have done too much.

Jesus that’s appalling. This fucker is appealing to the “security concerns” of his constituency. We’re really so far gone that we have one of our congressmen, in the interest of appearing Tough on TERRORISM speculating on turning away the huddled masses rather than risk letting a terriss sneak in among them (Don’t you Canucks know that furriners are DANGEROUS?!). It’s no different from anti-Irish/Italian hysteria from a century or so back, except now we’ve managed to disguise our xenophobia with what’s seemingly a practical concern.

Has my country really made so little progress in that respect? I’ve been taught the “land of opportunity” concept for decades, but it makes me very sad that it’s never sunk in that it’s not just a BETTER life they’re after, they’re actually trying to escape death, torture rape, etc. Just as with the principle that it’s better to let a guilty man go free than to imprison an innocent one, Americans apparently aren’t too keen on helping to ensure quality of life for the desperate and impoverished just in case there’s a murderous bastard or two among them.

“Give me liberty or give me death?”
“Nope; I’ll take duct tape and canned milk instead.”

“If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher?”
“Hells yes! Otherwise the terriss might get me!”

But hey, just as you said, bagkitty, our government propped up the dirtbag regimes that created their desperation anyway. Perhaps our paranoia as a society is some sign of conscience on the matter?

Yeah right :rolleyes: