A big pile of cash cheered me up!

How? you may ask. :dubious:

Well after buying my christmas present for myself I ended up with less money in my bank than I thought. I spent the last week saving money and thinking about how to save for the rest of the month.

Then I remembered the big pile of cash on my chest of drawers. Until now that pile of cash (acumulated from repeatedly emptying pockets of weight) had wormed it’s way out of my consciousness and became part of the scenery. So that in the end it wasn’t money, it was ‘stuff’. Part of the overall tapestry of mess that is my bedroom.

I spent last night sorting it and counting it. £200, yay!

exchanged it today at the bank for notes, yay!
I’ve acumulated more than £200 in the past. What’s the most you’ve accumulated and forgot about until the day you counted it?

[brain]Now you have enough to donate to the tsunami appeal.[/brain]

[sub]stupid brain[/sub]

I don’t think I’ve ever managed to save more than $10 in change like that. I guess I’ve always been a little poor, so I’ve never considered small change disposable.
I’m sure a big pile of cash would cheer me up, in case anybody wants to send me one.

Loose change doesn’t hang around long at my house. My youngest seems to find it wherever I leave and hoards it somewhere. The local grocery has one of those machines that count your change and then dispense a receipt good for the amount of change minus about 8%. Last time the kid talked me into taking him to the “green machine”, it coughed up a receipt for over $50.

I guess it’s time to start charging him rent.

When I was a teenager I would hide cash around my room, then forget about it. It was always a special day when I would open a book and $20 would fall out or reach behind the socks and find $5.

I still find myself looking in places where I know I used to put money in the hopes that some would magically appear.

LilMiss cashed in her change box last week. $30, primarily in dimes and nickels. I asked where she found all that change- “Around the house”. IOW, she’s been digging through my purse, workbag, pants pockets for any bit she can find. We’ve now decided that all change will go into a community pot for a summer vacation.

(BTW, my sister and her fiance cashed in their change jars before their cruise. Keep in mind they’ve both been putting in all their spare change for a year. $750. Dang!)

I keep a jar for all my loose change. I cash it out once a year, right around Christmas. This year I netted 75 bucks.

Well, I have accumulated a little over $500 doing that recently, and as a kid I would get about $100 a year from odds and ends.

Also, my sister and I have created a community jar we put change in. We have been doing it for a couple months and have already gotten ~$140. Not bad I’d say.

I hope you put at least some of that money to good use.

I don’t get the change-jar thing. I keep my change in a small coin purse that’s attached to my wallet, and I treat it, like, ya know, money. It is exchanged for goods and services, just like the foldy kind. Same with my hubby, though he is far too manly to use a change purse; he just keeps it in his pocket. He does empty his pockets at the end of the day, but then he puts the change back in his pocket in the morning.

I did squirrel away a couple hundred bucks in small bills between the pages of Stranger in a Strange Land in the months before Y2K, just in case. Then I forgot about it until I decided to read Stranger again. Thank you, Michael Valentine Smith!

See post #2. To donate online I’ll have to put the notes in the bank. But my step-dad is the boss of IOM Red Cross so it will be alot easier to just donate hand over some cash.

I stopped keeping all my 1ps and 2ps in my purse after it broke yet another purse. I just accumulate far too much change to be able to carry it around with me. I get more change then I am able to spend!
I used to always find money in jacket pockets. The most I found was about £20. But I never seem to find any anymore.

Well, you UK bastards cheat, what with those gold doubloons and pieces o’ eight you got over there being equivalent to two or three American bucks each.

American coin doesn’t add up to real money as quickly.

The last time I dumped out the Happy Scrappy Coffee Can of Desperation ™, I only had about 10 bucks in it, which could be as few as six coins over on your islant.

I have a 3-liter jar I use to hold my change. It takes about 2-3 years to fill it up, but when it’s full, there’s usually about $300 in it. I’ve filled it up a few times now.

I found 20 bucks in the grocery store parking lot this morning. That’s about my record for special surprise cash.

I can get around $30 from our change cup, eventually, but all the quarters go for laundry, so it takes a while.

Since I almost always use my debit card for purchases, I never have any coins to hoard. I leave that up to Mr. Anachi. The most he’s received from the counter at the supermarket is $100. I do squirrel away $25 each week that I don’t go over my grocery budget. That, however, is how I save for my beach vacation each summer and I always know exactly how much I have.

Man, we have change piling up all over the house. The wife has a bis plastic football (that she got in Vegas, full of beer) that she puts her change into. I dump mine into a series of beer steins. When they get too full, we roll the coin, take it to the bank, and buy something fun with it. The last time we cashed in $133.00. We bought new linens. (Whee!) :smiley:

Last time I exchanged my Jar O’ Coins, it had aroune $140 in it. This was great, because I had just borrowed $80 from my dad to pay a speeding ticket, and was able to pay him back faster than either of us expected. Plus I had a little extra cash.

It’s amazing I had that much in there, since I was living at home at the time and my little brother would steal any money he could find to buy drugs. I remember one time in particular I threw some change in my jar and heard it hit the bottom. I thought, that can’t be right. Sure enough, what was once about 1/3 full was now nearly empty. It’s like he thought that if he left a few pennies in the bottom I wouldn’t notice.

Now I have my own place and my jar is filling up faster than I thought possible. Having your own place kicks so much ass.

With me it depends on what I’m wearing. If I’m wearing a suit, suit pants tending to be loose fitting, I don’t like to carry a clump of change in my pocket because it feels uncomfortable and jangles with every step I take. Also it tends to fall out easily when I sit down, especially in my car. So on suit wearing days I usually don’t pick up whatever change is on my bathroom counter. But on jeans wearing days I scoop up all the change I have and use it whenever an appropriate opportunity presents itself. The goal here is usually to have it handy when purchasing something that costs a small amount over an even dollar amount, so I can get rid of some of the change I have rather than accumulate more.

If I had to wear a suit to work every day, I’m sure I’d accumulate more change at home.

Either I am being whooshed, or we have a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of “currency,” here. Probably the former. :slight_smile:

No, the latter. Things cost 5.99 not 6.00 so we end up with some change.

Sometimes things cost 7.99 and we use a 10.00 note, so we end up with change of 2.01. Next time we want to buy something for 4.99. We have a wad of 10.00 notes and 2.01 in change, so we use one of the notes. Now we have 7.02 in change. Then we want to buy three things which together come to 6.34. We can get 7.00 and hold people up, and end up with 68pence change, or we can use another note and end up with 10.68 in change. We get home and hang our coat up. Next day we are ready for work and grab our coat. A bit heavy with change it is so we empty it into a lazy pile somewhere.

In short - rather than hold people up we prefer to pay in notes so we end up with change. What is so confusing about that?