A big thank you to alice_in_wonderland!

I just wanted to post a shout out to alice_in_wonderland for being so wonderfully supportive during the last few weeks during my failed pregnancy and subsequent surgery to remove my tube. She posted support and words of sympathy both in the thread and via PM, and checked in on me every few days to see how I was doing. And then, yesterday, a very lovely potted plant arrived for me, from her, as yet another pick me up.

So, thank you! It’s wonderful to know that there are people like you out there who will help and support a complete stranger who needs it during a rough time.

(btw, you still owe me your address for the thank you card!) :slight_smile:

Well thanks for the thanks - I’m just glad the plant cheered you up a bit.


(And I’ll PM my address! DOH!)

Hope you’re feeling a little better, EmAnJ. Take good care of yourself.

How ARE you feeling?

I’m doing well. Physically, I feel bruised inside (especially walking/moving around), but otherwise ok. Mentally, I seem to be doing ok because I know this isn’t the end. I am also starting University on September 5, so have that to look forward to and plan for. I’m not sure how I’m doing so well - I could be avoiding - but so far, I’ve been starying positive.

We are still on track for IVF in December or January.