a book signing

last night i went to a book signing. the book is “in harm’s way” by doug stanton, it is about the uss indianapolis. at the signing was one of the survivors of the sinking. it was amazing to see this man who as a teenager, endured 5 days in the pacific ocean watching shipmates die right and left to sharks and exposure. also at the signing was a woman who’s father survived and a woman who’s uncle died when the ship sank.

this book was written because the authour saw “jaws”, and was impressed by the account in it. he did research into the indianapolis and ended up at one of the reunions to interview the survivors. the stories he heard compelled him to write this book.

of the many things that were said last night, the one that struck me the most was:

one of the officers that survived the sinking was introduced to the captain of the sub that sank them at pearl harbor. when he met him he said, i’m sorry , but i can’t shake your hand. i lost too many men that day. the sub captain bowed to him and said , i forgive you. the officer was very surprized and asked through the interpreter why he had said that. the answer came back, my family lived in hiroshima.

how utterly amazing. the indianapolis delivered parts of fat boy, the sub captain who has family in hiroshima sinks the indianapolis.