A Botticelli suggestion

I find Boticelli a pretty amusing game and have come to the realization that all you really have to do is shout an arbitrary name starting with the proper initials and you can advance the game. You don’t actually have to satisfy the current criteria!

I’d like to suggest that the OP toss in a list of wrong guesses every 10 or 20 posts so that numskulls like me don’t screw up and suggest names that have already been guessed. People with short term memory loss and/or late to the game won’t have to make themselves appear senile. YMMV.

That seems a good idea to me, if the game I just started goes that far I’ll definitely do that. FWIW you’re right about the guesses not having to match the current criteria, the game would slow down too much if we tried to adhere to that (my two cents).

Strict adherance to the rules would kill the games dead, I’m afraid. Doesn’t matter…the free-wheeling games we have are fun.

HFK, thanks for filling in while I am…distracted. Once AP tests are over, I can go back to my random surfing ways.

Actually, we started out assuming that Indirects had to fit the established facts, but dropped the requirement because the Wikipedia page we were using as a rules reference said there was no such rule.