"A buck three-eighty"

Oh nooooo, it’s still ALIVE! Quick! Somebody shoot it in the head, for Og’s sake!

My Dad always said, “two six bits”. (He was born and raised in North Central Louisiana.)
Technically, that would amount to $1.50. :rolleyes:

Remember the jingle/rhyme, “Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar…”?

Maybe if we give it the tree-fiddy it’ll go away.

Was this resurrected by a spammer or something?

This is probably not only the oldest zombie thread ever revived, it comes close to being the oldest one that ever could be revived, since it was started only about a month after the SDMB began.

Well, it was at about that time that I realized that this thread was actually the GOD-DAMNED Loch Ness Monster.

I thought “a buck three-eighty” was a logically contradictory phrase meaning “nonsense”. I thought it was a Milwaukee-ism, along with “on the corner of 25th and Jabirdie”.

Actually, it was more “a buck tree-eighty”. Down by where the street car bends the corner 'round, aina?

Shodan from 'Sconsin

I can’t believe I didn’t realize I was reading such an ancient thread until it was too late. But I have never heard any of these phrases so it has been very educational.

Wasn’t the absence of a user name a clue?

I’ve also heard “a nickel ninety-five”, “a quarter point two” and “eleventy three”.

“Coupla two tree bucks” is another common expression around here for the same thing.

Damn it! You know if you give it the tree-fiddy it’s never gonna go away. It’ll just keep coming back.

Spammer?! A most emphatic, NOT! I am offended by the accusation, sir.
I request a retraction of the allegation, or I shall be forced to challenge you to
pistols at ten paces, in the courtyard square come the dawn. :mad:

I have never heard any of these phrases. But I once had a boss who said “It’s a half o’ six o’ one, two dozen of another.” Yes, he was an idiot; he actually thought that’s how the phrase went.

(At least he wasn’t a zombie.)

We’ve received quite a few thread reports on this old zombie, so I’d like to take a moment to remind everyone of the zombie policy. Post #4 in the FAQ - Guidelines and Etiquette on the SDMB says:

(emphasis mine)

When a spammer reopens a zombie, we’ll typically delete the spammer’s post (or hide it), which drops the zombie back down in the list where it was. When a member revives one just to post “me, too” or to argue with someone who hasn’t been online in six years, we will ask them not to do that, and sometimes lock the thread.

But every now and then, we have a conversation like this one, which was picked up 12 years later as if it had never stopped; where the new posts have no less to offer than the old ones. There’s no “compelling reason” to close it, so we let it live.

Thanks for the thread reports, though. It’s always better to get a report we don’t need than to miss a problem!

With all due respect, (and apologies, if the powers that be, think I should) I don’t feel that I brought that zombie back to life with a “new posts that had less to offer than the old ones”.
(bolding is my paraphrasing, of part of the mod’s post)

My post was on topic and was not a “me too”, nor a repetition or slight variation of a previous post. (I read the entire thread before I posted, although I did neglect to note that it was, well… ancient. :D)
Kindly pardon the noob faux pas.:smack:

Since it seems to have wound someone’s panties into a knot, :rolleyes: I’ll endeavour to refrain from resurrecting the dead, in the future.

Pardon me for interrupting, but what he actually said was “the new posts have **no **less to offer than the old ones.” That’s a good thing.

In West Coast gang culture putting “a buck fifty” across someone’s face means cutting them right down across the face with a razor, often from the ear to the corner of the mouth, leaving a scar. The guy who plays Omar Little in the Wire, Michael K. Williams, has a buck fifty scar across his face as shown in this photo.

I don’t know if that usage is even remotely relevant but I thought I’d mention it…

As Cartoonacy already mentioned, you completely misread my post – taking from it exactly the opposite of what I said.

You are absolutely correct, sir. :smack:

I humbly offer a sincere apology to the Mod and the board in general, for that transgression. :frowning:

I still stand behind ***this part ***of my post, though. :slight_smile:

A “buck” is a variable quantity. I’ve seen it used to mean anything from one dollar to, in an actual verbal quote in a professional setting, a million dollars. I would default to “a buck three-eighty” equaling $1380, but I’d ask for clarification.