A Bush/Hussein Marriage

CNN’s breaking news, www.cnn.com , just announced President Bush has pledged one of his daughters (Saddam’s choice) for an arranged marriage to Saddam Hussein. The President is hopeful this will end the hostility with Iraq. The President said he got the idea after reading a book on a place called “Europe”.

Holy shit, that was stupid. I appreciate good parody as much as the next fellow, but holy fuck! At least try

I’m reminded of the first Gulf War, when Cicciolina – the porn star turned Italian parliament member – offered to sleep with Saddam if he would end his hostilities. Where is she these days anyhow when you need her?

President Bush forcibly married his daughter Barbara to Sadam Hussein’s son, but he annulled the marriage because she wouldn’t go to bed with him; and then Bush tried the same arrangement with Osama bin Laden’s son, but she wouldn’t sleep with him either, thenl she’d be laughed at and snubbed because:
Barbara Hassan bin Laid-in

But seriously, folks: was the daughter or Dubya drinking when this deal was made?