A/C blower volume in GM products.

Well, really just blower volume. We have an 1984 Chev Blazer and an 1989 Silverado Pick-up. The amount of air the blower will move in the high position is kind puny…

Have seen this before in GM products.

So how can I get more volume? Is there a ‘super’ fan I can buy and swap with the factory one?

Is there a better squirrel cage?

Is it really a dirty coil in there that the truck must be dismantled to get to so as to wash it out?

We also have a little 93 Subaru Empreza that will blow your hat off. How to make the GM’s blow like that… ( Yes, that is a free straight line if you want it. )

A fix?
Splain me please…

Do all the fan speeds work on the Chevy? GM products used to be very prone to losing the high fan speed. Also the electrical connectors on some of those 70s and 80s GM products were real shitty and would get huge voltage drops, which would slow the fan speed down.

Yeah, all the speeds work but you gave me an idea. I’ll hit it with a good lead from the battery with the engine up and the alternator online and see if it speeds up.