A/C condensing unit fan is intermittent

When my A/C unit comes on it doesn’t sound like my condenser is coming on and my outside fan comes on but at a lower speed and it sounds like it is losing power intermittently. The relay contacts sound good when they close so I am at a loss for what to do next. I have 248v coming into the unit and my capacitor was a little on the low side but still within the 10% margin.

If the motor is getting voltage and not turning then it’s bad. If it’s a 110V motor then unplug the unit and run power direct to it as a test. They’re easy to replace.

I’ve replaced the contactor once and capacitors several times on my outdoor unit. I found that my contactor was clicking but the contacts were worn/burnt such that they were not always making contact.

If you’re capable of testing the capacitor(s) you’re probably competent to jumper around the contactor and test the motor as Magiver suggests. And the fan motors are easy to replace and not too costly.

Age of condensing unit? And does it have a variable speed fan or constant?

What do you mean “it doesn’t sound like my condenser is coming on”? Are you referring to the compressor?

I missed that. Yes, are you saying the compressor isn’t kicking on either?

Another thing to check are the fuses. Your circuit breakers could be on but you could have blown one of the two fuses in the external box. That’s happened to me before.

Is it cool inside your house (working?), or hot inside your house (not working?)

If it is cool inside your house and the unit is keeping your house cool, the slow fan could be normal operation.

Hey OP, you around? I (and others) would like to help you but you need to meet us halfway.

These were the symptoms of my A/C unit when I was low on refrigerant gas. Compressor and condenser fans would come on then trip out after a minute or so.