A Cafe Society Poll: You Rate The Movies

Or is someone old enough to have been raised on *Gone with the Wind * and was too old to ‘get’ Star Wars.

  1. The Godfather -9
  2. The Godfather Part II - didn’t see it
  3. Citizen Kane - 10
  4. Pulp Fiction - 5
  5. Blade Runner - didn’t see it
  6. It’s A Wonderful Life - 9
  7. Singin’ In The Rain - 7.5
  8. The Usual Suspects - 7.5
  9. Casablanca -10

Second Part. List (in as close to the order of preference as possible) your Top Nine Movies Of All Time. And if you’re up to it, indicate the number of stars (out of 10) you give to each of your Top Nine.

  1. Casablanca
  2. Monty Python’s Life of Brian
  3. The Sting
  4. Field of Dreams
  5. Romancing the Stone
  6. The Man Who Would Be King
  7. The Americanization of Emily
  8. Young Frankenstein
  9. Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid
  1. The Godfather never seen it
  2. The Godfather Part II never seen it
  3. Citizen Kane 3
  4. Pulp Fiction 6
  5. Blade Runner 1
  6. It’s A Wonderful Life 7
  7. Singin’ In The Rain 3 (I’m not much for tap dancing)
  8. The Usual Suspects never seen it. never HEARD of it
  9. Casablanca never seen it

Miracle Mile
A Fish Named Wanda
Gone With The Wind
Sixth Sense
Rear Window
The Princess Bride
Piranha Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death
Support Your Local Sheriff

I’m not even going to attempt stars. If you ask me tomorrow you might get a different nine movies.

  1. !a Godfathers–9.0

  2. Citizen Kane-9.5 Don’t care who gets credit for cinematography and settings -it was great

  3. Pulp Fiction- If it is on I watch 9.0

  4. Blad4 Runner 7.5

  5. Wonderful Life-1.0 boring

  6. Singing in the Rain-5.0 great musical-I do not like musicals

  7. Usual Suspects- everytime it comes on ,I catch it when it already started,so it goes off

  8. Jaws-suspense at the peak-music ,acting, 9.0

  9. Kill Bill -watch over and over 9.0

  10. Meaning of Life- 9.0

  11. Life of Bwian-9.0

  12. Maltese Falcon- 9.0

  13. 5th element-I like it too bad 8.0
    7.Sick9.0 movies that try to help-all for it

  14. Reservoir Dogs- love it mr. Pink

  15. The Natural- 8.5

  16. Butch Cassidy and Sundance-8.7