A call to Western New York dopers

So it looks like I’ll be relocating in the near future. Probably out of Western New York where I’ve been living for over a decade. And I thought that before I go, we should have a dopefest.

Then I realized something. They’re aren’t all that many of us out here. Off the top of my head Booker, Zette, and me were the only names that came to mind. Is it possible that in a region this large with several major cities we are truly that bereft of dopers? This might explain why the Rochester Dopefest two years ago only had eight people and over half of them were from somewhere else.

So who else is out there from the other half of New York state? And will we be doing a dopefest before our numbers are depleted by one?

I live in Rochester but I am about to go to California for two years so I can’t help you there.

“The other half”? Most of the country seems to think the only part of New York that exists is the City. The whole state drops off somewhere around Poughkeepsie, which is “Upstate,” you see. I don’t really exist here in Albany. You definitely don’t exist. You’re a figment of your own imagination.

Most of New York City thinks the only part of New York that exists is the City. Except for the people in Manhattan who don’t even believe in the other boroughs. They think “upstate” starts when the street numbers go to three digits.

I’m in the Binghamton area- where are you, Nemo?


I live pretty much in the middle of western NY, about 40 miles south of Rochester (and about two hours from Binghamton).

It’s surprising but it appears that there are no dopers in Buffalo, Rochester (except the departing Eran), or Syracuse. Nor are any jumping in from the numerous college towns in the region.

Although I don’t live in western NY, I would be willing to travel there for a dopefest. (I live in Troy in the capital district.)

I’ll be driving past you next Sat. on my way to the 1000 Islands with my kids. How 'bout I wave?

I guess I’ll chime in for Ithaca then. :slight_smile:

I really resent what you upstaters think of us Manhattanites. As a Manhattan resident, who is well-travelled around New York State, remarks like that just piss me off.

I can definitively state that Upstate begins no lower than the George Washington Brigde. By your comment you would have us think that Yankee Stadium was upstate. It certainly is not!

On the other hand, I went upstate to the Bronx Zoo last weekend.

:: grins, ducks and runs – downtown ::

New York, New York, it’s a helluva town
The Bronx is upstate, the Battery’s down

Former Buffalonian checking in. Hutch Tech (HS), Buff State (UG), UB (grad). Born and raised in a frame semi-bungalow in the Kensington/University Heights neighborhood. I was weaned on Genny Cream Ale, bleed Bills blue, and still have a 97 Rock t-shirt from high school. However, I don’t have a Buffalo eee-ACK-sent, and I’m not Catholic … go figure.

Remember, the diaspora of young, educated professionals that were born and raised in Western New York is growing. It seems as if there’s more UB, Buff State, Canisius and Niagara grads in Charlotte than Buffalo itself. When I look at personal ad sites, profiles of Buffalonians for a certain age group will be about one third to one quarter the number of that in another similarly sized metro area.