A career

Hello all. Just a lost 18 year old here. A career… nothing interests me… I got my diploma decent grades etc. But I have chose to work instead of college/university due to the fact that I have no clue what I want to pursue as a CAREER.

My point:

Can you all describe what you do for a living?

  • Does it require lots of overtime? (I actually dont mind working overtime so I am just asking)
  • What is the yearly salary Starting out? (If you consider this a “personal” question please give salary in a bracket of:
    -$10 000 - $20 000
    -$20 000 - $30 000
    -$30 000 - $40 000
    -$40 000 - $50 000
    -$50 000 - $60 000
    -$60 000 - $70 000
    -$70 000 0 $80 000
  • If I work hard what can my salary be up to in 10 years?
  • How much post secondary education would I require (does not matter if I’m set on it I will accomplish it).
    I really do appreciate it and hope to recieve a surprising positive impact on my life! THANX IN ADVANCE!

Interesting that you consider your career choice to be mundane and pointless…

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Most all careers will require some sort of specialized training. This means school. If you have the means, go to college.

Youre on track, I do wanna go to college. But what for is what I’m askin.

Are you saying nothing at all interests you? At 18, you’re young, unencumbered, & in a perfect position to go try various jobs just to see what they’re like. I wouldn’t let how much money you can make be the biggest determining factor at this point. And you don’t have to choose your life-long career at this point. Most of us “older” folks have done many jobs before settling on a career, and at 42 I doubt that what I’m doing now will be what I do for the rest of my life.

I have been: aide in psych hospital, bartender, OTR truck driver, worked on farms, janitor, security guard, newspaper delivery person, rape crisis counselor, waitress, exotic dancer, managed a bar/restaurant, and driven limos. Some of these I did for very short times when I was VERY young (security guard, yuck, forget it.) For many years I have owned a painting business with varying numbers of employees. It is very hard work, but the money is good.

There is a book out there called “What Color is Your Parachute?” that has all kinds of quizzes & so on to help you find areas of stregnths & weakness, & point you in possible career directions.

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OK, let me be the first to answer the request.

I am an Advanced Life Support Ambulance Officer (EMT for all you Americans). My income has been in the $50-60K range for the last five years. I am fortunate that I started my career just prior to a major upgrade in educational standards, so most of my knowledge has come from distance education, self learning and 20 years of experience in the field. Current educational requisites include Year 12 education with satisfactory passes in science subjects, preferably biology and chemistry, followed by completion of a three year student internship upon being hired. Successful applicant also must pass stringent pre-employment literacy/numeracy tests and a comprehensive health and fitness examination. Constant continuing education, peer review and incrementation of protocols and qualifications are a fact of life.

And yes Virginia, there is a shit-load of overtime. My working week includes 40 hours of ordinary time, followed by up to another 40 hours of oncall after hours from my residence, plus any recalls to provide additional crewing when rostered resources are exceeded.

BTW, I live and work in regional South Australia, so my situation may be totally irrelevant to yours.

To be an EMT here in Edmonton… you have be 110% dedicated. It is insane. I considered that actually. I went to NAIT and talked to the program co-ordinator. It is just too much. Cardio pulminary courses, all these things. I think I’m headed to the bookstore/library tomorrow to find the suggested book above.


I work on the User Help Desk at a Data processing company.
Starting pay at this position is in the $30-40,000 range. Overtime is often required and we are sometimes paged, and have to come in with no advance notice. You would have to work in Operations ($20-30,000 range) for several years to be considered for the Help Desk.

If I had it to do over again, I’d be cop.

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I’m in a similar boat to DVous Means, although I’m not an ALS ambo…just a student nurse. My advise to you is to get somewhere in the medical/health profession. I’m doing nursing, but the options with nursing now, in the 20th century, are broadening so far and wide, I sometimes feel lost myself and I haven’t even finished my training!

Seriously though, RN’s don’t just work on wards. I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but over where I am (same locality as DV) the possibilities of work are really only limited by you! as for the pay, well…first year out of uni I’ll be on about $33,000, but depending on what I want to do later on, as to what my salary does! I know a guy who’s an RN, working for a rural health group, now on $90,000 pa, just for sitting in an office doing not a hell of a lot except a bit of thinking every now and then! Go for gold champ!! :slight_smile: